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Top 10 best Mexican restaurants in Rhode Island

  1. Condesa

Are you headed to Rhode Island for the first time and don't know what restaurants to eat at? You asked out a pretty girl you saw on the street and don't know where the best place is to take her? If you want to impress her, check out this incredible Mexican restaurant in the heart of Rhode Island. This Mexican restaurant is called Condesa and it has flavorful dishes to spice up the night. Not only will your mouth be on fire, but your heart will be also. Condesa is full of exquisite tastes that will prove it is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Rhode Island.

Have you and your lady been swooped up in the city and want to get out and see the land while feeling like you went to the destination of Mexico? Condesa is the perfect restaurant to relax for you and your girl for the night. Not only will the food be the best but you will be entertained with the Mexican culture that lives inside of the Condesa Restaurant.

Tacos Mexican restaurant rhode island meat

Go ahead and also try their dessert menu. It will taste as sweet as your date. Pick out of five different desserts that will show your date how sweet you are. Enjoy dim lights and a server who will be at your every need. Condesa restaurant in Rhode Island is a 4.5 star restaurant that will spark up your night. Your girl definitely won't forget this experience. It will be a night to remember.

Dessert Mexican dessert ice cream refreshing

This restaurant is known for it's elegance, flavor, and community. Come soak in the exciting friendly feel that this restaurant gives you. Once you leave you will want to come back. This is because the friendly staff, and the people you could potentially meet. Sit back, have a drink and make some friends! Condesa will also give you some blog posts you can go through and read before. The more you know about Mexican food the more impressed your date will be. Get up to date with how to make tortillas as well as what healthy Mexican food is.

2. Lucia's Mexican Restaurant

The second recommendation is Lucia's Mexican Restaurant. This restaurant is also higher class and nice. This Mexican food will blow your mind with the delicious flavors that will burst into yours and your dates mouth. If you try out this restaurant it will not disappoint. Feel free to get a drink afterwords and enjoy a great evening at Lucia's Mexican Restaurant.

tacos shrimp healthy mexican many tacos limes

3. El Charro

El Charro is a delicious restaurant that is known for the best "Monster size margaritas". They have a menu full of delicious food, the favorite meal is the chicken quesadilla. This restaurant is near providence Rhode Island. El Charro will give you a unique but traditional taste, one that will blow your dates taste buds out of the water. Give El Charro a try!

Burrito mexican food rice beans sour cream plate with food

4. Don Jose Tequilas Restaurant

Don Jose Mexican food is delicious, especially the guacamole. Don Jose is more on the traditional side, but who doesn't love a traditional burrito or taco. You won't be disappointed because of the friendly staff as well as the amount of food you get for your buck. This restaurant is also close to the water, so go get a night dip after you eat some delicious food.

Quesadilla cheese tortilla guacamole sour cream plate

5. Mi Hacienda Restaurant

Mi Hacienda is one of the best tasting Mexican restaurants. Mi Hacienda has a broader assortment of food. They have Mexican food as well as some stake and other American food thrown into there. So if one person wants Mexican food and the other wants something a little more mainstream, Mi Hacienda is the place to go.

Breakfast Mexican eggs beans chip

6. Xaco Taco

Xaco Taco is our next recommendation. This Mexican restaurant is classy and perfect for a first date. Food isn't as mainstream and Xaco Taco is slightly less formal but still impressive. You can't go too cheap for a date! This is a perfect mix of a budget and a good time. Good tastes and good relationships are created here.

7. Viva Mexico Cantina Grill

Viva Mexico Cantina Grill is right in the heart of the city. Come here if you want to have a good time. Take your date to the Viva Mexico Cantina Grill and then go bowling after. You won't be stuck here too long and you would be able to do something fun after. This is a perfect place especially if you guys aren't too hungry. Stop by for a quick delicious snack.

Nachos guacamole cheese Mexican Food

8. Bandidos Mexican Restaurant

At Bandidos you can get food with a show. You can listen and watch a mariachi band while you enjoy your dinner. So you if you like it a little louder and fun, enjoy your time and head on over to Bandidos. This restaurant will not be a disappointment and will be the life of the party.

tacos beans rice Mexican food guacamole

9. Tortilla Flats

Tortilla Flats is also a little more casual. I would recommend this restaurant if you are looking for an informal date and want to drink the night away. It is in a smaller building but will give you the effect of comfort and it won't be over crowded. Good for a last minute date!

Quesadilla Mexican food cheese tortilla

10. Chilangos

The final recommendation is Chilangos. This restaurant is more unique and different than the past recommendations. It is more main stream food, which entails that it has a hint of American Mexican food. This food is so delicious it will make you and your date want to come back for seconds!

taco mexican meat bread food tacos healthy

You can't go wrong with Mexican restaurants in Rhode Island. Just get you, your significant other, and go out on the town. Get some food, explore the beach, find a park, you could even go find Taylor Swifts home. If you really wanted to get crazy you could eat the best food at a restaurant, order desserts and go head out on a sunset boat ride. There are so many things to do all you've got to do now is text your person! Go out and show off your knowledge about these Mexican restaurants and they will be more than impressed.

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