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Top 5 family friendly beaches in Rhode Island

Rhode Island has beaches all up and down the coast. With some of the most spectacular and beautiful views. If you get lucky enough to be able to go see at least one of them, consider yourself lucky. But here are the top 5 beaches you can see in Rhode Island.

  1. Easton's Beach

Easton's beach is a family friendly beach in Rhode Island. The waves aren't too big and the sand is fun to play in. The ocean has a beautiful blue color for you and your significant other to look at, and you don't have to worry about animal attacks. With the soft sandy shore, you are sure to have a good sand castle competition. This might sound little kidish however there is nothing better than sitting on the beach with a loved one, or one you are trying to make a loved one. Beaches are sure to be some of the most romantic spots there are. This date idea will end up as a great memory. As you play in the sand and in the beautiful water. Try to get there during sunset, perhaps the families will have left and you can enjoy a nice night together.

water beach people sand sun warm play fun family

2. Narragansett Town Beach

Narragansett town beach is a perfect spot to have a romantic getaway. If you want to escape and enjoy the beauty of the earth this is the place to go. This beach can be a little pricy, but along with that is your ability to surf the waves. These waves aren't too crazy so it is a great spot to go on a date, that way no one gets hurt. This beach provides peaceful walks where you can enjoy a quiet picnic and enjoy watching the sailboats. This beach has a laid back atmosphere where you don't have to worry about anyone crazy coming and ruining your evening. It shows a perfect backdrop to watch with your significant other.

sail boat water ocean blue

3. Blue Shutters Beach

Blue shutters Beach is a perfect destination for a peaceful and relaxing spot. The atmosphere of this beach is friendly and nice, you will get the chance to meet some friendly locals. You can find your own little spot and enjoy looking at the houses as well as play in the soft sand, your significant other is sure to love it. It is a natural beauty and will help you and your partner connect in beautiful ways that will make you glad you chose to come to blue shutters beach. Enjoy your night off and have a fantastic night together.

beach sand water house grass sun

4. East Matunuck State Beach

East Matunuck state beach is a little more on the populated side, however it is a perfect spot to lay out and enjoy the sun. Put on your bathing suit and enjoy the beaches company around you. Who doesn't love getting a little vitamin c? Here you will find bathrooms, a convenience bar, and a nice big rock wall you guys can walk out on. That is the favorite thing about East Matunuck beach, the rock wall is almost like a peer that you can walk out on. It will you make you and your significant other feel like you guys are standing out in the ocean. Whether your watching a sunrise or sunset, the beauty will definitely stand out, you will connect and enjoy the chill, kind community that frequents this beach and rock wall.

beach umbrella water tanning people

ocean water rocks bridge

5. Second Beach

This beautiful beach is surrounded by amazing houses that are beautiful to look at. Just imagine you and your significant other gazing at the houses you dream to build one day. These houses are on a rocky wall that overlooks the ocean. Not only are there beautiful houses but beautiful pristine waves. You can find a private spot to wave watch on this beach seeing it doesn't get overly crowded. The natural beauty of the area will make your eyes melt. It can be chill winds or a blazing sun, either way you are guaranteed a great time. Whether you have a picnic or just watch the shoreline, you are sure to have a memorable day or night.

house water ocean rocks wave

beach water sun sky warm sand cloud

To conclude, These top 5 Rhode Island beaches that are family friendly are a perfect place for you and your significant other to go to. You will find seashells, sand and memories here. In the daytime you are sure to transform into a relaxed loving couple that can make lasting memories together. The golden sand that covers the coasts will brighten up your relationship. You can enjoy the sun, water, sand, houses, rocks and much more when you come to these top 5 beaches in Rhode Island. The sound of the waves will calm your relationship and the birds will help you two appreciate life. These are the moments we live for. Moments like these make life meaningful and help you create memories you can share between each other. With these family friendly beaches you are sure to maintain a good solid relationship between the two of you. Whether you guys stop at the bar on a beach, or hold each others hands in the sunset, you will be sure to remember why you guys want each other. Whether you want to play sports on the beach or just have a relaxing night, Rhode Island beaches will not disappoint.

If the sun is setting you guys are sitting on the beach, feel free to pull out your guitar and play your loved one a melody. Paint some pictures of the ocean, or taste test your favorite sweets. You can't go wrong with this date night idea. Sometimes you might be able to find live bands that are playing or a bunch of kids running around, either way you are able to stay entertained. At these beaches you are able to find activities to do in the daytime as well as the night, so don't worry about it being a perfect time, just get to these beaches and create those memories. Show that your significant others time is a priority to you and go make happy memories.

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