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7 Hidden Gem Restaurants in Myrtle Beach

the warf at Myrtle Beach

1. The Wicked Tuna

outside view of the wicked tuna in myrtle beach

The Wicked Tuna, nestled at the heart of Myrtle Beach, offers a dining experience that combines fresh seafood with a spectacular waterfront view. It's the place where the ocean meets the plate, thanks to their unique "Hook to Plate" philosophy. The menu features a fusion of local seafood, prime steaks, and sushi, ensuring there's something for every palate. What makes The Wicked Tuna a culinary gem is their commitment to freshness, sourcing seafood directly from their own fleet. 

The restaurant's location on the Marsh Walk adds to its charm, providing diners with a mesmerizing view of the water, making it an ideal spot for both romantic dinners and family gatherings. It's not just about the food; it's about the experience - the ambiance, the service, and the picturesque setting. Whether it's the handcrafted cocktails or the chef-driven cuisine, The Wicked Tuna is a must-visit for anyone wanting to savor the essence of Myrtle Beach's coastal dining.

2. The Sea Captain's House

outdoor view of the sea captain in myrtle beach

Sea Captain's House in Myrtle Beach, an oceanfront dining destination, offers a rich blend of history and culinary excellence. Celebrating over 60 years, this restaurant, originally a beach cottage, provides a cozy and nostalgic ambiance. Known for its award-winning She Crab Soup, the menu offers a variety of seafood delicacies, including fresh local catches and Southern-inspired dishes. The Sea Captain's House combines the charm of traditional Southern hospitality with the freshness of oceanfront dining, making it a must-visit for visitors seeking an authentic Myrtle Beach experience.

3. Big Mike's Soul Food

sign for big mike's soul food in myrtle beach

Big Mike's Soul Food, located in Myrtle Beach, is a treasure trove of Southern comfort. This restaurant is celebrated for its hearty, homestyle cooking, offering a menu rich in traditional soul food favorites. From their famous fried chicken to mouth-watering collard greens and cornbread, every dish is prepared with a touch of Southern love. The warm, inviting atmosphere makes it perfect for families and friends looking for a taste of genuine Southern hospitality. Big Mike's is more than just a restaurant; it's an experience that encapsulates the essence of Southern culture and cuisine. A visit here guarantees not just a meal but a memorable culinary journey into the heart of soul food.

4. Aspen Grille

dining room of the aspen grille in myrtle beach

Aspen Grille in Myrtle Beach offers an exceptional dining experience, blending Southern charm with culinary sophistication. Renowned for its prime steaks and fresh, local seafood, the restaurant commits to delivering high-quality, seasonal dishes. The ambiance is a blend of elegance and comfort, making it a top choice for a memorable dining experience. The extensive wine list complements the exquisite food offerings, ensuring a perfect match for every dish. Ideal for special occasions or a fine dining night out, Aspen Grille's attentive service and delightful cuisine make it a standout destination in Myrtle Beach.

5. 42nd Street Bar and Grill

a table at 42nd street bar and grill in myrtle beach

42nd Street Bar and Grill in Myrtle Beach is an ideal spot for those looking for a lively and enjoyable dining experience. This restaurant is known for its warm, inviting atmosphere, making it perfect for casual dining, family gatherings, or a night out with friends. With a diverse menu that caters to various tastes, it offers something for everyone. Whether you're in the mood for a hearty meal or just some appetizers and drinks, 42nd Street Bar and Grill is a great choice. The combination of good food, friendly service, and a relaxed environment makes it a popular destination in Myrtle Beach.

6. Johnny D's Waffles

assorted breakfast food at Johnny D's waffles

Johnny D's Waffles in Myrtle Beach is a family-run establishment known for its creative and delicious breakfast dishes. It offers an extensive menu filled with original, tasty options alongside classic diner breakfasts and sandwiches. With its warm atmosphere and innovative cuisine, it's a fantastic spot for breakfast enthusiasts. Whether you're in the mood for a unique waffle creation or a hearty breakfast cocktail, Johnny D's promises a delightful culinary experience. This restaurant is perfect for those seeking a cozy, family-friendly dining experience with a twist of culinary innovation.

7. Banditos Restaurant and Cantina

outside view of banditos restaurant and cantina in myrtle beach

Banditos Restaurant and Cantina is likely a vibrant and inviting dining spot, known for offering a unique blend of Mexican-inspired dishes. Such restaurants usually feature a lively atmosphere, making them perfect for both family meals and social gatherings. Guests can typically expect a range of flavorful options, from classic tacos and burritos to innovative Mexican fusion cuisine. The setting might also include a festive decor, enhancing the dining experience. Banditos Restaurant and Cantina could be an excellent choice for those seeking a fun and flavorful meal in Myrtle Beach.

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