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7 Romantic Restaurants in Charleston South Carolina

guy and a girl having a romantic date in charleston SC

1. Chez Nous

bar and dining tables at Chez Nous Charleston SC

Chez Nous, nestled in downtown Charleston, offers a unique blend of Southern France, Northern Italy, and Northern Spain cuisine, making it an enchanting choice for a romantic date night. This pint-sized, neighborhood restaurant exudes a convivial atmosphere, ideal for couples seeking an intimate dining experience. The daily changing menu, featuring locally sourced ingredients, includes two appetizers, two entrées, and two desserts, ensuring a fresh and diverse culinary adventure each visit. The focus on regional dishes from distinct European regions adds an exotic flair to the dining experience, perfect for couples looking to explore new tastes together. Chez Nous' charming setting, combined with its exquisite, globally-inspired cuisine, creates a magical backdrop for a memorable evening, making it a top pick for those special, romantic occasions. 

booths and tables at Maison in Charleston SC

Maison is a culinary gem in Charleston, known for its French-inspired cuisine. With a cozy, inviting atmosphere, it's perfect for couples seeking a blend of elegance and intimacy. The menu, likely featuring classic French dishes with a modern twist, would offer a gastronomic journey ideal for a romantic evening. The combination of exquisite food, fine wines, and a charming ambiance sets the scene for memorable moments. Such a restaurant would be a top choice for those looking to indulge in a night of romance and culinary delight. 

3. Circa 1886 Restaurant

oustide the Circa 1886 Restaurant in Charleston SC

Circa 1886 Restaurant, set in the historic carriage house of Wentworth Mansion in downtown Charleston, is a haven for romantic dining. Its award-winning status and exceptional culinary offerings make it a top choice for a date night. The restaurant's ambiance, characterized by original pine floors and charming architecture, adds to its romantic allure. The menu, masterfully crafted by Executive Chef Marc Collins, is a testament to the artistry of fine dining. With a focus on Southern cuisine, the menu is both innovative and respectful of traditional flavors, ensuring a memorable dining experience. The restaurant's commitment to excellence is evident in its accolades, including recognition as one of the most romantic restaurants in South Carolina. 

4. Halls Chophouse

beautiful atmosphere in Halls chophouse in Charleston SC

Halls Chophouse in Charleston offers a luxurious and romantic dining experience, perfect for a date night. Known for its exceptional steaks and seafood, the restaurant provides a menu that emphasizes quality and flavor. The sophisticated ambiance, coupled with live music and attentive service, creates an atmosphere ideal for special occasions. Its commitment to excellence in both food and service makes Halls Chophouse a standout destination for couples seeking a memorable evening. 

5. Le Farfalle

dining room at Le Farfalle in Charleston SC

Le Farfalle, an Italian restaurant located in Charleston's Harleston Village, offers a charming and romantic setting for a date night. The restaurant, led by Chef Michael Toscano, presents a modern take on authentic Italian cuisine. Its well-rounded selection of wine, beer, and craft cocktails complements the exquisite hand-made pasta and other Italian specialties. The combination of a cozy atmosphere and exceptional Italian fare makes Le Farfalle an ideal spot for a romantic dinner or special celebration. 

6. Poogan's Porch

romantic dining room at poogan's porch in charleston SC

Poogan's Porch, a quintessential spot in Charleston, offers a romantic and historical dining experience. Housed in a Victorian townhouse, it provides a quaint, charming atmosphere, ideal for a special date night. Known for its Southern cuisine, the restaurant likely features classic dishes with a unique twist. The combination of its warm, inviting ambiance and delicious, comfort food makes Poogan's Porch a perfect choice for those seeking a cozy, yet elegant dining experience. 

7. High Cotton

tables and chairs at high cotton in charleston SC

High Cotton in Charleston offers a warm and welcoming setting that's perfect for a romantic date night. Its Southern charm, combined with a commitment to exceptional hospitality, provides an inviting atmosphere. The restaurant, known for its fine dining experience, showcases the best of Southern cuisine, making it an ideal destination for a special evening. The combination of delectable food, elegant ambiance, and attentive service makes High Cotton a must-visit for couples. 

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