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Unforgettable Hotels by Audubon Zoo in New Orleans

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

If you're planning a visit to the Audubon Zoo, your search for the perfect stay ends here. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey as we unveil the most fabulous hotels near Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-time explorer, we've got you covered with accommodations that are as wild as the animals you'll encounter. From cozy boutique hotels with a touch of Southern charm to swanky retreats that redefine luxury, these lodgings promise an uproarious good time in the heart of the Big Easy!

The St. Charles

Living room of a hotel room with nice furniture

Nestled in the heart of New Orleans, The St. Charles Luxury Hotel is a haven of opulence just a stone's throw from the Audubon Zoo. This swanky gem offers a tantalizing blend of Southern hospitality and modern extravagance, making it the ultimate choice for an unforgettable stay. Imagine sipping on a mint julep by the lush courtyard, or unwinding in sumptuous rooms adorned with tasteful decor and comfy beds that feel like a cloud embrace. Plus, its proximity to the Audubon Zoo means you can go from a jungle-themed suite to spotting real-life exotic animals in mere minutes. The St. Charles Luxury Hotel is not just accommodation; it's an experience that transforms your NOLA adventure into a roaring good time! Book your stay here

Hampton Inn

Hotel room with orange furniture

This budget-friendly gem is all about comfort without breaking the bank. Picture yourself waking up in cozy rooms that have you saying, "Hello, sunshine!" Fuel up with a complimentary breakfast that'll kickstart your day of exploring. And the best part? The zoo is practically your neighbor, so you'll spend less time commuting and more time monkeying around with the animals. Affordable, convenient, and with all the NOLA charm, the Hampton Inn Hotel ensures your adventure is unforgettable without emptying your wallet. Time to make budget-conscious memories! Book your stay here

The Westin

Hotel conference room with lots of windows

Elevate your New Orleans getaway to new heights at the Westin Hotel, where luxury and proximity to the Audubon Zoo collide in a symphony of elegance. This upscale gem isn't just a hotel; it's a lavish escape that promises a touch of magic. Step into a world of sophistication as you enter your plush room, where the cozy beds whisper "sweet dreams" and the decor oozes charm. With the zoo just a hop, skip, and a jump away, you can trade your stilettos for safari boots in no time. The Westin Hotel is your ticket to a unique and classy adventure in the Big Easy. Get ready to make memories in style! Book your stay here


Hotel room with queen bed and desk

Get ready to unleash your inner explorer with the Wyndham Hotel, your cozy nest near the Audubon Zoo in the heart of spirited New Orleans! This fantastic hotel is your gateway to adventure, offering comfortable rooms that are like a warm hug after a day of wild encounters at the zoo. Whether you're traveling with family, friends, or going solo, the Wyndham's friendly atmosphere and top-notch amenities ensure everyone has a roaring good time. With the Audubon Zoo practically in your backyard, you can go from a peaceful night's sleep to a wild safari in the blink of an eye. It's time to turn your NOLA getaway into an unforgettable animal-filled escapade! Book your stay here

Virgin Hotel

Hotel with balcony over looking the city

The Virgin Hotel in lively New Orleans is the perfect launchpad for your adventure near the Audubon Zoo, and it's all about the balcony bliss! Imagine stepping onto your private balcony, where the view is pure magic. Whether you're sipping a steamy cup of joe at sunrise or clinking glasses under the starry NOLA sky, this balcony is your front-row seat to the city's vibrant spirit. With the zoo just around the corner, you can even spot a giraffe or two from your perch. The Virgin Hotel isn't just a place to stay; it's your VIP ticket to an awe-inspiring, balcony-blessed adventure in the Big Easy! Book your stay here

Alder Hotel

Hotel room with red liner on the two queen beds

Step into the Alder Hotel, your charming oasis just moments away from the Audubon Zoo in the heart of lively New Orleans! This delightful hotel is your home away from home, offering cozy rooms that make you feel like you're wrapped in a warm hug. With its friendly atmosphere and top-notch amenities, the Alder Hotel promises a delightful stay for everyone, whether you're traveling with friends, family, or going solo. Plus, its proximity to the Audubon Zoo means you can go from a peaceful night's sleep to an animal-packed adventure in no time. Get ready to make memories and enjoy the best of NOLA with the Alder Hotel as your basecamp! Book your stay here

Marsh Hotel

Front picture of the Marsh hotel bar and coffee

Introducing the Marsh Hotel, your fantastic New Orleans hideaway just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Audubon Zoo! But that's not all; this place knows how to elevate your experience with a hip and happening bar/lounge that's the talk of the town. After a wild day with the zoo's critters, you can unwind in style, sipping your favorite cocktails, and mingling with fellow travelers. Whether you're a solo explorer or part of a merry group, the Marsh Hotel's bar/lounge adds an extra dose of fun to your stay. Cheers to good times, great company, and unforgettable adventures in the Big Easy! Book your stay here

Hyatt Regency

Hotel lobby, very fancy

Get ready to dive into the ultimate New Orleans adventure at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, where luxury meets the wild near the Audubon Zoo! But that's not the only cool spot you'll find here. Picture yourself lounging by the poolside bar, where sipping on a tropical cocktail feels like an exotic safari for your taste buds. Whether you're soaking up the sun or taking a refreshing dip, this oasis of relaxation is the perfect way to unwind after a day of animal encounters. So, if you're up for a splash of luxury and a dash of adventure, the Hyatt Regency Hotel is your vibrant gateway to the heart of the Big Easy! Book your stay here

We hope this guide to the city's diverse hotel offerings has ignited your wanderlust. From the opulence of the Westin to the budget-friendly charm of the Hampton Inn, and the balcony bliss at the Virgin Hotel to the lively bar scene at the Marsh Hotel, there's a lodging option for every type of traveler. So, whether you're seeking luxury, affordability, or a splash of fun, these hotels near the Audubon Zoo promise unforgettable experiences in the heart of the Big Easy. Pack your bags, and get ready to make memories that roar with excitement!

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