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7 Things To Do In Little Rock Your Kids Will Never Forget!

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Cityscape of Little Rock at sunset

Looking to make your next family adventure unforgettable? We are here to make that happen! No matter what age your kids are we have something that will be sure to catch their interest!

#1) The Museum of Discovery

Families interacting with hand on exhibits

The Museum of Discovery is Arkansas’ Premier Science Center. As one of the oldest museums in the State of Arkansas it has an incredible history. But do not take old to mean out of touch or boring!

90 interactive and hands-on exhibits are now the foundation of the museum. The mission of the museum is to highlight a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math in the minds of young and old alike.

One of these exhibits even includes a live demonstration of a Tesla Coil!

Your kids are never going to forget the feeling of Tornado Alley Theater. A seven minute thrill in which you will relive a tornado that tore through Little Rock in 1999.

And if you plan on going in October be sure to check out their Harry Potter themed events! Science After Dark: Wizards, Muggles, and Science.

No matter what time of year you plan on attending, know that they are always putting on special events to fit the season!

#2) Little Rock Zoo

Marble lion statues laying on a rock

This 33 acre zoo is home to over 500 animals!

The zoo can take anywhere from a few hours to a whole afternoon depending on how much time you spend in each area. Some people like to just walk on through and keep on the move. While other people like to stop and smell the roses, or mimic the sloth and take their time.

Make the experience unforgettable and take a ride on the Train! The train will take you on a ride around the park, showing you sides of the exhibits you will not see anywhere else. This makes a great way to get off your feet for a while and sit back and relax and let the animals fly on by.

For Twenty Five Cents you can get a handful of fish food to dish out at several of the locations around the Zoo!

Take a ride on the beautiful antique carousel, this is unique as it is Nationally recognized due to its age.

Find the Perfect gift for any animal lover at Safari Trading Market!

Bring on the Animals! Some zoos break up the exhibits by location. Here at the Little Rock Zoo they break it up by types of animals. You’ll find all the bears located in one area, while all the great apes will be across the way in another.

No matter what your favorite animal is, they are sure to have something that will captivate your and your entire family!

#3) Arkansas Skatium

Their motto is “It is a Great Day to Skate!”

The Arkansas Skatium is the only rink where you can both skate and roller blade!

Be sure to check out their hours on their website here. They have public skating hours throughout the week but each day's hours will vary.

You can get the Ultimate admission that will give you access to both the ice rink and roller rink. Or if you prefer to do only one or the other they have options for that as well!

They have concessions available for purchase, but be aware they do charge a fee if you plan on bringing in Outside Food or Drink. The only exception to this is Cake or Cupcakes for parties.

#4) The Bernice Gardens

Instill a sense of Community in your children by bringing them to The Bernice Gardens. While Anita Davis is the private owner of the grounds she fully intends for this to be a place of public use.

Each year the exhibits are replaced with sculpture works from the community and local Arkansas Artists.

The Gardens are relatively small, only 150 feet by 150 feet but that does not mean that it is worth overlooking.

#5) Altitude Trampoline Park

Take to the Sky with Altitude Trampoline Park! Imagine a warehouse where the ground is filled from wall to wall with trampolines!

They have areas for all activities and skill levels.

Always wanted to dunk but never been quite able to reach? Well now you can get a little assistance from a trampoline to launch those last few feet to make your dream come true.

Is Dodgeball not intense enough for you? How about Trampoline Dodgeball? Where both teams are bouncing all around the court.

Are you wanting to safely practice backflips or front flips before you hit the slopes this year? They have trampolines that overlook massive foam pits so that you can safely fail and practice until you land it every time.

#6) Zip Line Tour

Take a swing at the local Zip Line Tour!

The tour will consist of 10 different zip line runs.

It will take about an hour and a half to complete and will have you zipping out over water over and under trees.

The longest of the zip line runs is over 850 feet long!

Something to note is that there will be small hikes in between each zip line so that is something to note if anyone in your party has any conditions that would affect them being able to do that.

#7) Mystery Mansion Escape Room

A picture of Mystery Mansion with the words Mystery Mansion overlayed on top below a Red Key

Mystery Mansion Escape Room is the perfect activity for you and your family if you are pressed for time!

One hour is all you get as you and our team seek to unravel the mystery and make it out of the room before the clock stops ticking!

They have rooms for different skill levels. But Mystery Mansion specializes in incredibly difficult rooms. This is where they shine!

For example, Amnesia is their most advanced room, and the escape rate is only 5 percent! That means that for every 100 groups that attempt this room only 5 will beat the clock! That is absolutely incredible!

Mystery Mansion will definitely not leave your family feeling like it was too simple or easy to get through and solve and will put your families brains to the test!

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