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Our Top 6 Date Ideas in Reno: Romantic Things to Do

Everybody needs a night out. Whether you’re stressed from work, school, or just life in general, a fun night out can help anyone get their life back on the happy track.

Date nights can significantly strengthen relationships and help couples build memories that last a lifetime. No matter what you’re looking for, these 10 Date Ideas will surely bring you an unforgettable night in Reno, NV.

We searched through countless date ideas in Reno and came up with our picks for the 10 best options. We’re beyond excited for you to try them out.

1. Ultimate Stress Relief: Smash Everything you’ve always wanted to

At Smashin’ Good Time, right in downtown Reno, you can destroy chairs, tables, TVs, phones, and more.

First, choose your weapon of choice. Whether you’re in the mood for a shovel, throwing knife, or iron mallet, the items in your room won’t stand a chance. Second, absolutely crush everything in the room you can and feel the satisfaction that you always knew you wanted to experience.

If you’ve never seen your partner go crazy on your grandmother’s old porcelain tea kettle, you’ll definitely see another side of them here. We know you won’t be able to leave without a big smile on your face (and a potential concern for internal rage that you’ll want to see a medical professional about haha)

2. Go to the Great Reno Balloon Race

If massive colorful balloons filled with 10 foot balls of fire seem interesting, going to the Great Reno Balloon Race is an absolute MUST. Watching them fill with hot air early in the morning and float gracefully above your head will leave you breathless.

Hot Air Balloons in Reno, Nevada

If you decide to bring your date here, you’ll definitely want to bring a big blanket to sit on and a cute breakfast for the two of you. Picking up a fresh hot cocoa from Sierra Nevada Chocolate only adds to the romantic vibe of such an occasion.

The balloons start filling up early, usually around 7 am, so make sure that you arrive on early and stake out a place for you and your date! The next two hours provide the perfect atmosphere to chat, eat, and enjoy the open Nevada skies.

3. Explore the Breathtaking Murals in Downtown Reno

If you enjoy art and taking spontaneous pictures with your date, the Murals in downtown Reno provide a fun and free way to enjoy a time together. Couples can walk from mural to mural and take pictures of the stunning art of local artists.

Reno, Nevada Mural in Downtown

Created by individuals based in Reno, these monumental murals tell the story of the city and help you get a vibe for the small town.

Plus, did we say that it’s free? Definitely a win.

4. Show off your Moves at Roller Kingdom

If you love 80s music and aren’t afraid to slide around a rink, you’ve gotta take your babe to Roller Kingdom. With exciting events and themed parties, a date roller skating would be fun and unforgettable.

If you’ve never been to an official skating rink before, let me paint the picture for you: Bright colorful lights, a DJ playing only the best music, people dancing and talking, and a ton of people of all ages and abilities dancing their way around a huge rink.

If you’ve never tried before, Roller Kingdom is absolutely the best place to make your bold debut. Your date night will be fun and exciting and you’ll get to hold hands and laugh it up the whole time. As long as you don’t get too embarrassed, each of you will leave happy!

Also, it’s super cheap to try! Admission starts at $4/person and rentals are just $5! A whole night of fun for only $9/person is an absolute STEAL. Let us know how you do!

5. Relax at the Reno River Festival

If you’re looking for a soothing night with a bottle of wine and great food, one of our favorite simple date nights is listening to music down at the Reno River Festival.

The festival features more than 20 artists performing a wide array of music genres from country, to pop, to rock, and beyond. Enjoy incredible food from a variety of local vendors as you walk around the river and listen to local legends.

Sample award-winning local and national brews or a wide array of refreshing hard seltzers from bars all over the park.

Not only will your date be romantic, but you’ll be able to experience the best that Reno has to offer. Your date will never forget it!

The festival usually happens in May so be on the lookout for the next one. Planning dates early is never a bad thing either!

6. Be Amazed at Magique: Reno’s Show of the Year

If you enjoy illusions, showgirls, award winning costumes, special effects and an epic soundtrack that will keep your ears dancing all night, Magique is the show that you and your date MUST go to.

Magique Show in Reno, Nevada

Surprise them with tickets to the show and watch as they’re enthralled with the incredible spectacle that’s put on. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, this local family-owned show will surely bring your night to life.

Visitors on Trip Advisor describe their visit as such: “There is so much time, energy and passion put into the show. If you don't walk out of this show with wonderment and amazement, asking yourself "how do they do that???" well, you must've fallen asleep.”

Don’t forget to buy tickets early! The small and intimate theater sells our fast.

Final Recommendations for Fun Date Nights in Reno

If you use these suggestions, you’re sure to have a great and romantic date! After you finish one activity, feel free to take a walk around the city at night and find exciting activities that you and your date will like.

If you find an incredible activity that we missed, we’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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