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Top 5 Raleigh Hotels With Indoor Pools

Looking for a hotel with an indoor pool in Raleigh, North Carolina? We've got you covered with this comprehensive list of the 5 best hotels with indoor pool amenities.


1. Embassy Suites By Hilton

Embassy Suites Pool

The Embassy Suites by Hilton is an excellent option located on 4700 Creedmoor Road, Raleigh, NC. Just 10 minutes from the Raleigh airport! With a super large heated pool as well as a fun hot tub, this is the best place to stay if you have children that want to splash around and play in the water.

The Embassy Suites are a classic option. With lots of seating, as well as a fun pool lounge area, this is the place to go if you are looking for the standard, hotel pool from your childhood dreams. The hotel has great reviews and is in a prime position in the heart of Raleigh. Access to and from the hotel is very easily achieved with the public transit system.

Other Hotel amenities include a fitness center, a game room and in-house continental breakfast. Make sure to check out this awesome property here!

2. Hilton Garden Inn

Hilton Garden Inn Pool

The Hilton Garden Inn is a fun stay located at 3912 Arrow Drive Raleigh, NC. This hotel features a fun pool with a water feature bringing entertainment for all ages. This hotel is the best "bang for your buck". It features high end conference rooms and banquet halls for a relatively cheap price.

If you are planning a stay with adults, the Hilton Garden is a great option. There is access to the downtown night life, as well as a fun small pool and jacuzzi to take a dip in and talk. This hotel also boasts a 24/7 gym to its guests. The business halls are also a great option for the business owner looking for somewhere to hold a conference. This is the best option for gatherings of large group size. Despite the smaller pool size the large hotel grounds make up for it!

For more information on the Hilton Garden Inn click here.

3. Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites

The Holiday Inn & Suites is located at 5630 Dillard Drive Cary, NC. Just outside of Raleigh, it is a worthy-while drive for the super-sized indoor pool that it houses! With many accessibility options, this pool is a friendly choice for families and those who need certain disability features. There is also a in-house jacuzzi located in the fitness center!

The Holiday Inn pool is super fun for large reunions and gatherings. Lots of people can fit in the pool area without it feeling too cramped. The spaciousness of the pool matches the spaciousness of the Hotel. From a large hotel lobby that serves complimentary breakfast, to large expansive rooms fully equipped with microwaves and mini-fridges, the Holiday Inn has it all. Why not trust your stay to a hotel chain that is well respected and trusted?

For more information or to book your stay at The Holiday Inn & Suites click here!

4. Hyatt House Raleigh/Brier Creek

Hyatt house pool

The stunning Hyatt House Hotel is located at 10030 Sellona St, Raleigh, NC. This pool is all about luxury. The water is always well maintained as well as the overall premises of the hotel. This beautiful, rectangle pool has views to the parking lot and the nearby foliage as well as a viewing area for the stunning hotel lobby.

If you have the ability to pay a slightly greater price, this is the hotel for you! The expansive amenities well make up for it! This hotel offers a slightly more private and elegant experience rather than a chaotic, typical family chain hotel one. When you book with the Hyatt House, you know you are getting excellent quality. The pool isn't the only amenity to take note of though! A 24 hour fitness center, as well as complementary breakfasts, and free Wi-Fi are sure to aid you in having the best experience Raleigh has to offer!

For more information regarding the Hyatt House click here.

5. Washington Duke Inn

Washington Duke Inn Pool

The Washington Duke Inn is the most picturesque hotel on this list. It is located 30 minutes from Raleigh, but if you have the time to make the commute it is well worth the trip. The Washington Duke houses stunning gardens and courtyards, landscaped to perfection, as well as aesthetic interiors. This hotel is truly a winner.

The Washington Duke Inn sits atop a massive estate. Golf courses, horseback riding, and beautiful views are among the few things that you can find for enjoyment here. A more quaint escape from the big city is what you will find here, but with the quick access to get to all the fun and excitement Raleigh has to offer!

For more information on the beautiful Washington Duke Inn click here.


To sum up, there are tons of awesome options in Raleigh when looking for hotels with indoor pools. We hope that this comprehensive guide gave you some insight into the amazing options out there!


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