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Top 15 unique Indoor Chicago Activities

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Chicago on a rainy day

Chicago rain or snow got you stuck at home and depressed? Well it's time to turn that frown upside-down because the weather is no match for the many indoor activities that await you! Whether you're a local looking for a new adventure or a visitor seeking shelter from the elements, Chicago has a treasure trove of indoor activities to keep you entertained. From laughter-filled comedy clubs to tranquil ancient baths, here are 15 indoor activities to explore in Chicago:

1. The Laugh Factory

The Laugh Factory Stage

For a dose of laughter on a gloomy day, head over to The Laugh Factory in Chicago. This cozy indoor comedy club hosts a rotating lineup of hilarious stand-up comedians, guaranteeing a night filled with laughter and good times. Get ready to chuckle and forget about the cold weather outside.

Address: 3175 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657

2. Aire Ancient Baths

Aire Ancient Baths Spa Pool

Escape the cold or rain by indulging in the ultimate relaxation experience at Aire Ancient Baths. This indoor luxurious spa offers thermal baths, massages, and serene pools in an atmospheric setting, transporting you to a world of tranquility. Unwind in style in the gentle warmth of these serene pools.

Address: 800 W Superior St, Chicago, IL 60642

3. Redline VR

Couple in Redline VR  gaming experience

For a dose of high-tech fun, visit Redline VR. This virtual reality arcade offers a range of immersive experiences, from thrilling adventures to creative simulations. Step into a different reality and forget about the rainy weather for a while.

Address: 4702 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL 60640

4. Shedd Aquarium

Families at Shedd Aquarium

Explore the wonders of the aquatic world at the Shedd Aquarium. Home to a diverse collection of marine life, this indoor attraction will delight visitors of all ages. Immerse yourself in the colorful underwater world while staying cozy and dry.

Address: 1200 S DuSable Lk Shr Dr, Chicago, IL 60605

5. Garfield Park Conservatory

Plants at Garfield Park Conservatory

Escape to the tropics without leaving Chicago at the Garfield Park Conservatory. Wander through lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and exotic plants in this indoor oasis. It's a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature's beauty, rain or shine.

Address: 300 N Central Park Ave, Chicago, IL 60624

6. Adler Planetarium

Planetarium at Adler Planetarium

Expand your cosmic knowledge at the Adler Planetarium. With engaging exhibits and stunning sky shows, you can explore the universe from the indoors without braving the elements. Discover the wonders of space and astronomy right here in Chicago.

Address: 1300 S DuSable Lk Shr Dr, Chicago, IL 60605

7. First Ascent Rock Climbing

Family climbing at First Ascent

For adventure seekers, First Ascent offers indoor rock climbing experiences. Challenge yourself and enjoy an adrenaline rush in a safe and controlled environment. Climbing walls of various difficulty levels cater to all skill levels. Scale mountains from the comfort of the indoors.

Address: 108 N State St, 4th Floor Chicago IL, 60602

8. Museum of Ice Cream

Child jumping into sprinkles at Museum of Ice Cream

Indulge your sweet tooth at the Museum of Ice Cream. This colorful and interactive museum offers a delightful sensory experience featuring ice cream-themed exhibits and, of course, plenty of sweet treats. It's a sugary wonderland for all ages.

Address: 435 N Michigan Ave Suite G, Chicago, IL 60611

9. Altitude Trampoline Park

Families jumping on trampolines at Altitude Trampoline park

Jump for joy at Altitude Trampoline Park. This indoor park offers wall-to-wall trampolines, foam pits, and exciting activities that are sure to keep you entertained while staying active. It's perfect for a fun (and dry) day indoors.

Address: 404 N Armour St, Chicago, IL 60642

10. The Escape Game

Couples playing an escape room game at the Escape Game

Test your wits and teamwork at The Escape Game. Choose from a variety of themed escape rooms and work together to solve puzzles and unravel mysteries to escape in time. It's a thrilling indoor adventure that will challenge your intellect.

Address: 42 E Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60611

11. Spray Paint N’ Sip

Woman learning to spray paint at Spray Paint N sip

Get creative indoors at Spray Paint N' Sip. Join a guided painting session and let your artistic side shine, or sign up for an art tour. Rainy days offer the perfect excuse to stay inside and create your masterpiece.

Address: 800 N Kedzie Ave #208, Chicago, IL 60651

12. Museum of Science and Industry

Photo of exhibits at Museum of Science and Industry

Delve into the world of science and innovation at the Museum of Science and Industry. With interactive exhibits and hands-on activities, this museum offers an educational and entertaining experience for all ages. Learn while having a blast (and staying warm and dry).

Address: 5700 S DuSable Lk Shr Dr, Chicago, IL 60637

13. Lookingglass Theater Company

Treasure Island performance at Lookingglass Theater

Experience the magic of live theater at the Lookingglass Theater Company. This renowned indoor theater group offers captivating performances and innovative storytelling, making for an unforgettable night of culture and entertainment. You could see pirates, soldiers, dancers, and who knows what else?

Address: 821 Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

14. WhirlyBall

Couples playing Whirlyball

Get ready for a unique and action-packed experience at WhirlyBall. It combines elements of basketball, hockey, and bumper cars, creating a thrilling game that's perfect for groups. Rain or shine, you're in for a good time.

Address: 1825 W Webster Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

15. Logan Arcade

Couple playing pinball at Logan Arcade

Embrace your inner gamer at the Logan Arcade. This retro-style arcade features a wide range of classic and modern video games, pinball machines, and more. Challenge your friends or relive your childhood favorites in the dry indoors.

Address: 2410 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Finally bad Chicago weather is no longer an obstacle but an opportunity! With these 15 indoor activities, you now have the freedom to turn "bad weather days" into the "best memories days" during your time in Chicago. Rain or shine, the city has something exciting to offer for everyone. So get out (or in) there, and embrace the indoor wonders!

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