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13 Dreamy Date Ideas in Chicago

Couple on date in Chicago IL

Chicago offers endless opportunities for unforgettable romantic experiences in a city buzzing with charm and allure. Read on to discover some of the top dreamy date ideas that Chicago has to offer.

1.Paddle Boat Ride In Humboldt Park

Paddle Boat Ride In Humboldt Park Chicago, IL

A Paddle Boat Ride in Humboldt Park makes for an unforgettable day date. The serene waters of the park provide a picturesque setting as you and your date paddle along, surrounded by lush greenery. It's a charming and unique way to spend quality time together, creating lasting memories in a tranquil and romantic setting.

Information At A Glance

Price: $30 an hour

Seasonal: Yes. Rentals are available from April-September

Location: 1301 North Humboldt Drive

For rental info visit their website.

2. Stroll Around Chicago Botanic Garden

Chicago Botanic Garden

The garden's variety of themed gardens, from the vibrant roses to the tranquil Japanese garden, offers a picturesque backdrop for leisurely walks and meaningful conversations. The garden's seasonal displays and events provide additional charm, making it an ever-changing and enchanting destination for a memorable date. If you are looking for a more enhanced experience you can even sign up for art and photography classes.

Information At A Glance

Price: Free- $10 for admission

Seasonal: Some exhibits and gardens are seasonal, but there activities available every season.

Location: 1000 Lake Cook Road Glencoe, IL 60022

For more information and hours visit their website.

3. Treat Yourselves to AIRE Ancient Baths and Spa

AIRE Ancient Baths and Spa

AIRE Ancient Baths and Spa stands out as a perfect, unique, and intimate date spot due to its unparalleled blend of relaxation and romance. Couples can indulge in luxurious thermal baths, massages, and other spa treatments, fostering a sense of pampering and shared relaxation.

Information At A Glance

Price: $230 - $1,300

Location: 800 West Superior St. Chicago IL

For more information and booking info visit their website.

4. Classic Movie Date at Davis Theater

The Davis Theater Chicago IL

With its charming blend of cinematic nostalgia and modern comfort, this historic theater, originally established in 1918, exudes a vintage charm that adds a unique touch to the movie-watching experience.

Information At A Glance

Price: $15 per ticket

Location: 4614 N Lincoln Ave

For movie times and tickets visit their website.

5. Enjoy Live Music and a Drink at Bordeaux Bar

This hidden gem combines an inviting atmosphere with a touch of sophistication. Known for its carefully crafted cocktails, selection of fine wines, and live music the Bordeaux Bar provides a cozy setting for couples to enjoy each other's company.

Information At A Glance

Location: 2147 W. Roscoe Street 1E

For hours and menu items visit their website.

6. Party at Headquarters Beercade

Arcade games at Headquarters Beercade in Chicago IL

Enjoy craft beers or signature cocktails while playing games creates a relaxed and social setting. The vibrant and retro-inspired decor enhances the overall experience, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a blend of entertainment and casual fun.

Information At A Glance

Location: 213 W Institute Pl

Hours: 4pm- 2am

Check out their website to view their menu, games, and see upcoming events.

7. Take a Cooking Class at Eataly

Cooking class at Eataly in Chicago IL

The renowned Italian marketplace provides an immersive culinary setting where couples can learn the art of Italian cooking together. Led by expert chefs, the classes typically feature interactive demonstrations and opportunities for participants to try their hand at creating delicious dishes.

Information At A Glance

Price: From $50 - $90

Location: 43 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611

For more information on classes and dinning options visit their website.

8. Learn Ballroom Dancing

Dance Class in Chicago, IL

Ballroom dancing classes not only provide a chance to learn a new skill together but also promote teamwork and trust between partners. Whether you're beginners or looking to refine your dance skills, a ballroom dancing class sets the stage for a fun, intimate, and timeless date experience. Check for class schedules and availability before planning your dance date.

Information At A Glance

Price: From $50 - $90

Dance styles offered: Ballroom, Latin, and Swing

For class options and schedule visit their website.

9. Try Rotary Sushi in Chinatown

Sushi roll from Sushiplus in Chicago, IL

The rotating selection offers a playful and diverse dining experience, making it an excellent option for those who enjoy trying different sushi creations. The casual and lively atmosphere encourages conversation while enjoying fresh and delicious sushi.

Information At A Glance

Location: There are three locations including Chinatown, Boystown, and Aurora, IL

For more information on locations and menu items visit their website.

10. Take Candle Making Class

Candle making class in Chicago, IL

Candle-making classes not only offer a unique and personalized date but also provide tangible souvenirs in the form of handmade candles. The completed candles serve as a reminder of the shared experience and the creativity that went into crafting them together.

Information At A Glance

Price: From $75

Location: 900 N Michigan Ave Level 6 - Next to Parking Pay Station, Chicago, IL 60611

For more information on booking classes visit their website.

11. See What is Playing at The Auditorium Theater

The Auditorium Theater Chicago, IL

Choose from a diverse array of performances, including ballets, operas, concerts, and Broadway shows. The grandeur of the theater, with its ornate details and rich history, adds a touch of sophistication to a date night to never forget.

Information At A Glance

Location: 50 E Ida B Wells Dr, Chicago, IL 60605

For more information on tickets and events visit their website.

12. 3D Fireworks Cruise

3D Firework Cruise in Chicago, IL

Whether it's a special occasion or just a desire for a one-of-a-kind date, a 3D firework cruise offers a perfect blend of romance, entertainment, and awe-inspiring visuals. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the cityscape or waterfront as they cruise along, with the added dimension of 3D fireworks enhancing the magic of the experience.

Information At A Glance

Price: $49-$59

Seasonal: Yes. Cruise is available May-August.

Location: 112 E Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601

For more information and booking info visit their website.

13. Enjoy a Meal at Geja's Cafe

Geja's Cafe in Chicago, IL

The extensive wine list complements the fondue experience, offering a curated selection to enhance the flavors of the meal. Live guitar music adds to the romantic ambiance, making Geja's Cafe an ideal destination for couples celebrating a special occasion or simply desiring a romantic night out.

Information At A Glance

Location: 340 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

For menu items and reservations visit their website.

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