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Top 12 Fun Date Ideas in Spokane, WA

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Spokane is filled with many opportunities to spend fun time with your special someone. With activities for all interests, Spokane makes a great city to visit with your significant other. Filled with nature, music, art, and good food, you will never be bored!

Manito Park is a public park located in Spokane, WA. It has 5 gardens, a duck pond, and a conservatory. It includes 90 acres of beautiful lawns, gorgeous flowers, walking and biking paths, shrubbery, topiaries, a greenhouse, and more.

Manito Park also includes Rose Hill, where there are over 150 varieties of roses and flowers. There are also some small shops and cafe near Manito Park which make Manito Park the perfect place to have a chill but fun date filled with the beauty of nature.

Spokane falls, waterfalls, bridges

Spokane Falls is a great way to get out in nature and experience the beauty of Washington state. These falls wow with their roaring waves and amazing history. These falls have strong Native American ties and are located near City Hall where you can learn about the tribes’ history. You can also ride a gondola for a 20-minute fly over which provides a birds-eye-view of the falls and the park. To see the falls, there are suspension bridges where you can feel the mist of the falls and get a great view. There are also other look out locations for a variety of access to viewpoints.

The Gilded Unicorn is a restaurant that has an old-world atmosphere and classic design. With a hilarious menu, this is a great date option for yummy food and fun laughter. They have a variety of food and drink options which makes this exciting restaurant is great for those who want to enjoy delicious modern food but feel like they have stepped back in time.

Green Bluff Growers is a group of independent farms where you can pick your own fruit, support small and local farmers, eat some yummy food like fresh pies or homemade apple cider, and more!

There are over 30 farms within the approx. 12 square miles that encompass Green Bluff. This is a great date to be in nature, get some fresh produce, and spend quality time with your significant other.

The Bing Crosby Theater is a great place to see a performance. Shows may include a variety of different types of concerts, comedy shows, award shows, and more. The Bing Crosby Theater is a great date option as there are different shows for everyone.

This darling theater was originally opened in 1915 and has gone through a handful of names before becoming the Bing Crosby Theater in 2006. The theater also has a few concessions including popcorn, candy, soda, wine, and beer.

This comedy club is a great place to go to get a laugh. With a variety of performers, there is humor for everyone. They also have a full bar and some food. Seeing a comedy show is a great way to spend time with your significant other while also laughing to tears. Tickets are usually $10-20 depending on the show and they may be higher for special events. Shows typically last about an hour and a half.

Spokane Trail Rides offers a variety of different Horse riding opportunities. For an outdoorsy date, the” 2 Hour Private Trail Rides on the Giants” is a perfect option.

They also have some additional options such as a table and fire for a romantic meal to finish the date and a proposal set-up. This date is great for experiencing nature and kind, gentle animals.

Symphonies, orchestras, concerts, magic shows, comedy, and more can be found at Fox Theater Spokane. They showcase “ local, regional, and national cultural, [and] educational and entertainment events.” The Fox Theater has events for everybody and is a great date option for those that what an experience.

Cat Tales Wildlife Center is a place where they have rescued big cats as well as done exchanges with other institutions. These cats can’t be released back into the wild for various reasons so Cat Tales Wildlife Center provides them a second chance and home while also educating the public about the beautiful animals. When you visit, you can see a variety of animals, have animal “adventures” where you can feed the animals, and more.

Artfest spokane 2023 graphic

The ArtFest Website says, “the 38th Annual ArtFest is a three-day celebration of art and fine craft and an Inland Northwest tradition for the entire family.” There are also food trucks on location and live music. If you or your significant other enjoy art showcases, this is the date for you.

In addition to the ArtFest, they also have a museum of arts and culture. This museum includes various art collections, artifacts, and programs; there is something for every art and culture fans.

The Nishinomiya Tsutakawa Japanese Garden is a garden where you can enjoy the tranquility of nature and the beauty of the earth.

Their website says “The well-known Japanese landscape architect, Nagao Sakurai, who at one time was in charge of the Imperial Palace grounds, was enlisted to design the garden in 1967.” On the grounds are waterfalls, ponds, trees, shrubbery, and more.

The First Interstate Center for the Arts is a place where broadway style shows, concerts, comedy shows, and more are held. With a variety of styles of shows, they have options for everyone. With a variety of ticket prices, seeing a performance at the First Interstate Center of the Arts can be a great date option for couples and a chance to enjoy an experience with your significant other.

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