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Top 10 Fun Places You Need to Eat in Louisville Kentucky

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Taking a bite out of the Colonel

Another day, another headache trying to figure out where to eat out today.

You could eat at the same old restaurant you've been eating at for the past year cause lets face it, your afraid of trying new food.

I know i am, I mean i don't want to spend my hard earned cash on food that was... meh.

Or at a place where the service takes forever and the environment is not good.

Lucky for you, i was your guinea pig and went too, ate at, and reviewed which top places where freaking amazing to eat at.

I don't necessarily believe in THE 1 place to visit as i crave different foods on different days. Thats why this is just a list of mine and others T10 favorite not ranked.

Top 10 Fun Favorite Places You Need to Eat in Louisville

J. Graham's Cafe

If your looking for more of an American cafe style of food then J. Graham's Cafe is a great place for it! J. Graham's Cafe has been in business for quite a while making memories for generations of Louisvillians. With its warm light filled environment and its variety of choices and buffet dining, J. Graham's Cafe is a great place to go for a nice casual time.

Pizza Lupo

Wish you were in Italy taking a bit of a cheesey warm slice of pizza where the flavor is like fireworks going off in your mouth?

Me too.

Luckily the next thing that comes close to that experience is eating at Pizza Lupo! Set in an 1800 brick building and ran by a small family, this amazing restaurant serves over a dozen wood fired Neapolitan style pizzas which was voted best in town. With a variety of mouth watering choices, this pizza place will have you traveling to Italy in no time.

Yummy Pollo

Yummy Pollo: Pollo la Brasa

Claimed as the third Best restaurant in all of Louisville, Yummy Pollo is a fantastic place to go and eat out at especially if your craving something new. Yummy Pollo is a Peruvian fusion cuisine that just rains in savor and taste. They have special diets such as vegetarian and gluten free options. and most of their menu is healthy, fresh, and authentic. It is definitely a crowd pleaser with something for everyone.

Copper & Kings

This fun and delicious place located in Butchertown is a great place to eat at if your looking for more than just a sit down restaurant. At Copper & Kings you can take a tour of the facility and learn how the business uses copper pots to create American brandies that are inspired by American whisky and music. You can then move towards the upstairs at the rooftop where the bar and restaurant is located.

Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar

Another great place to get some pizza but this time with a great drink is Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar. Rated number two in best claimed restaurants Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar lives to its reputation. Its like always eating at home with the kind staff and bartender that make the experience amazing. The environment is friendly, warm, and accommodating. The drinks are refreshing and and the food so phenomenal and tasty.

Taco Luchador

Taco Tuesdays anyone? Or any day for that matter when it involves tacos! And i know great spot to get your tacos or tortas, the Taco Luchador. The Taco Luchador is a fun and festive place to enjoy some good quality Mexican food. Ran by two cousins the spirit of family is evident and taste like family too! Their Baja fish tacos are made with Mexican beer battered cod, pickled cabbage, chipotle aioli, and cilantro.

Mwah. Simply amazing.

With your delicious tacos, you can also have a refreshing sangria or a pitcher of margarita that just goes too well with the food.

Mayan Cafe

If the Tacos at Taco Luchador wasn't enough authentic Mexican for you then don't worry cause the Mayan Cafe definitely delivers.

Its a small intimate little restaurant that packs a huge punch in yummy authentic cuisine. The Chef is from a small village in Mexico where he prepares authentic Mayan food in an atmosphere of elegance. I and almost everyone that goes raves about their unique and delicious food such as the empanadas or papadzules.

Just make sure you make your reservation in time because they fill up quick!

Safier Mediterranean Deli

How doesn't love Mediterranean food? Its such a fun time eating mediterranean especially if its at Safier Mediterranean Deli. They are well known for their weekday lunch crowd because of how good their food is. The owner is the head chef who serves lebanese dishes and daily Indian specials. they have an exsquisite vegetable based platter with hummus, falafel, rice, mutabbal, and other great choices.

CC's Kitchen

CC's Kitchen: The Beast Mimosa Tower

As we approach our last 2 top fun places to eat in Louisville Id be remised if i didn't talk about CC's Kitchen. CC's Kitchen is a fun and great place to have a dining experience. They have performers going on from all over the US so they always have a show going on weekly. One thing to note is that the desserts at CC's Kitchen are out of this world! Try the Beast Mimosa Tower with a couple friends and enjoy the Oreos, raspberry Zingers, chocolate-covered bourbon-candied bacon, Little Debbie jelly creme pies, and so much more!

The Brown Hotel

Finally we reach the last but definitely not least place to eat, the Brown Hotel. The Brown Hotel is a classic in Louisville for a fun place to eat at. Old world opulence mixed with contemporary classic is what its like at the Brown Hotel. The dining is amazing and the food is heavenly. You can try the classic Hot Brown and be amazed with its yummyness.

Well thats all of the Top 10 favorite fun places you need to eat in Louisville.

Let me know in the comments of other great ideas that you've come up with or know of and ill test them out and maybe even write about it!


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