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Top 10 Fun Date Ideas in Salt Lake City

Figuring out what to do on a date can be hard to navigate, even if it's a first date or a date with your long-time significant other. We often choose to do the same old thing, like going out to eat or watching a movie. Making your dates fun and interesting can improve your experience and connection with the other person. My goal is to help single people and couples find fun date ideas that make their dating life much more interesting in Salt Lake.

Cityscape of Salt Lake City

1. Try Paddle Boating at Liberty Park

Hear me out. Paddle Boating can be fun, especially if you have never done it before. Doing something new with someone can be one of the easiest ways to get to know and build more of a connection with a person.

Liberty Park offers a variety of amusement activities and concessions to make your date fun and adventurous. Going on the Ferris wheel and playing games can be that added fun on top of the paddle boating experience you will share with that person.

2. Go to a Comedy Show

Comedy shows are always a great way to have fun; they offer hilarious entertainment that can lighten the mood and relieve the stress of a date.

If you are looking for funny comedians that keep it clean, Dry Bar is the place. It offers a premier comedy experience but keeps it family-friendly.

Wiseguys has more well-known comedians, but they don’t offer clean comedy. If that’s not a problem for you, Wiseguys would be the perfect place to go on a date.

3. Tour the city with electric scooters

Two people riding Lime electric scooters in Salt Lake City

This can be a great option if you’re wanting to tour the city and try different food around the city. Scooters are a great way to look at a city because they are fast, easy to use, and save you from wasting time looking for parking.

I recommend doing this during the summer; sliding on ice with a scooter may not end well, especially on a date. Lime scooters are located throughout the city; all you need to do is download the app then you’re good to go.

4. Break the ice at a rage room

A few people may be a little hesitant to go all in at a rage room on the first date. So, this may be a good option if you’re a couple or on your third or fourth date.

Rage rooms are a great way to cut loose and have fun as a couple. They offer an experience that allows you to talk and break the ice while breaking things. Honestly, smashing a guitar or breaking a TV seems like a lot of fun. Smash it Rage Rooms is a great place to go if this looks like something you want to do on a date.

5. Hiking Picnic

Little Cottonwood Canyon during fall

Hiking can be a lot of fun but adding a picnic and turning it into a date sounds much better. Salt Lake City has many hiking trails nearby, but Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon are both notable options to consider.

You don’t want to carry a picnic basket while hiking because it can become tedious having to lug it around, so here’s a link to some hiking picnic ideas on Pinterest. Salt Lake City is surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains in the world, so why not use that to your advantage and make it your next date.

6. Find some local goods at a Farmer’s Market

Sometimes we get too caught up trying to plan something fun that we lose sight of just enjoying a date and spending time with someone. Farmer’s markets are an easy way to spend time with someone, farmers market dates also require minimal planning. The only planning needed involves simply saying, “Do you want to go to the farmer’s market with me?”.

Salt Lake has two farmer’s markets, the 9th West Market and the SLC Farmer’s Market. Enjoy your next date by spending time with your person and supporting small local businesses.

7. Go to a Drive-In Theater

Redwood Drive-In theater

Going to the movies doesn’t really help you connect on a date. Although that pertains to typical movie theaters, on the other hand, drive-in theaters can be a wonderful experience for a couple.

There aren’t many drive-in theaters left, but Salt Lake luckily has the Redwood Drive-In that offers a variety of movies, concessions, and showing times. Mix it up a little and enjoy a movie the old-fashioned way.

8. Go to an Arcade

Dave & Busters Arcade Salt Lake City

Let your inner kid out by going to an Arcade to win some prizes. Arcades are a fast way to have fun with someone; they offer a light experience that allows you to share that memory by taking home a souvenir.

There are a few arcades around Salt Lake, but I would recommend Fat Cats Salt Lake City for a family-friendly environment and Dave & Busters if you want more of an adult experience.

9. Play a Round of Mini Golf

Mulligans mini golf course Salt Lake City

Mini golf is an activity that doesn’t require a lot of skill, which allows you to compete while also having fun messing around.

Mulligans Mini Golf is one of the best places to go mini golfing in Salt Lake City. It offers a variety of holes and nature around its course, making it a clever idea for your next date.

10. Have Fun Shopping for Each Other

Life is too short to not have laughter, and this idea is a surefire way to get you laughing on your date.

First, you need to set a budget.

Second, each of you needs to buy a funny outfit for the other person. City Creek Center could be a viable option when choosing where to go shopping for outfits.

Third, take some couple's pictures together in the outfits you bought each other so you can remember this date.

This is a pretty out-there idea, but I can guarantee it will be one of the most hilarious and memorable dates you go on.

Overall, I hope this short list of fun date ideas is helpful. Remember, dating is about doing fun things that create lifelong memories.

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