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Top 10 best romantic hotels in Philadelphia

Hotel view

Do you want to surprise your special one? Are you planning on spending a romantic vacation? Do you want to have quality time with your partner? Look no further. Philadelphia has lots of options for you to consider. From heart-headed spas, incredible mountain views, a private beach, and adult-only experiences, Philadelphia will not disappoint you with what they have to offer. In this blog,

we will present the top ten best romantic hotels in Philadelphia.

1.The Lodge at Woodloch

This hotel features an infinity pool, gourmet restaurants, and a full-service spa. These amenities will contribute to a relaxing weekend or vacation to spend with your loved one. You must visit their sauna, hot tub, and fireplace with your special person for your rejuvenation and relaxation. This hotel serves gourmet food during breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you do not even have to leave the hotel for a good meal.

2.Cove Haven Resort

This hotel features an adults-only experience that will allow you to have a fully relaxing time with your loved one. Less noise is guaranteed since kids are not allowed at the hotel. Some of the hotel attractions are on-site dining options as well as a wellness center, indoor pool, and a spa. The hotel offers suites with a fireplace and a heart-shaped spa bath. They guaranteed that you could not find something more romantic than that.

3.Mount Airy Casino Resort

If you are looking for a place to stay during your whole vacation, you should stop looking. Mount Airy Casino offers a bar, garden, casino, outdoor pool, indoor pool, fitness center, and on-site restaurant. They also offer room service if you do not feel like leaving the room. Having all these amenities will make you feel that you do not want to leave ever. This hotel also offers high-end details and very modern vibes that make this hotel plunged into nature.

Mount Airy Casino Resort

4.Skytop Lodge

This hotel is located in the iconic Pocono Mountains. Coming here with your partner will assure that you experience a blend of nature and relaxation. The main lodge of this hotel is built in Dutch Colonial Style fully furnished in English country-style designs. It also has accents like plain wool and pillow shams. If you and your partner enjoy outdoor activities, you must visit this hotel. They offer some adventurous activities like kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boating. If you are looking for something more relaxing, they offer a relaxing pool or lake excursion.

5.Pocono Palace Resort

This resort offers an adults-only experience where you and your special one will enjoy a pleasant experience. Among the hotel's amenities, you will find standard and fantasy rooms with flat-screen TV. You can request a room with a fireplace or an indoor pool. If you desire the full experience, make sure to upgrade some of the amenities to have a real romantic experience. This hotel also has a spa where you can go and have a relaxing time together.

6.Ledges Hotel

This hotel is located near the scenic Lake Wallenpaupack. Guests can enjoy views of the Lake by running through a gorge. If you and your partner enjoy nature, this is a destination that you do not want to miss. Some of the dining areas have a spectacular sight of the waterfalls near the hotel. A beautiful garden and lounge with a cozy fireplace are what you need to complement this experience. The hotel offers exclusive wine at their Glass Wine Bar which compliments your pleasure experience.


This hotel is one of the most romantic hotels because of its stylish posh establishment. Indoor and outdoor pools are some of the amenities that they have to offer. The hotel features elegantly decorated select rooms, spa baths, and 24-hr butler services. If you and your partner are passionate about golf, this is your perfect spot. The hotel boasts two golf courses where you can spend countless hours of relaxing time with your partner. If you want to relax with a good massage, you must visit their Woodlands Spa and they assure you that you want to come back for a more relaxing time. Their rooftop lounge and the pool are other attractions that this hotel has implemented for the commodity of their guest.

8.Mountain Springs Lake Resort

This resort features stunning lake views with rustic but modern accommodations. This resort offers an authentic nature retreat vibe for your romantic getaway. If you are looking for incredible views, this resort offers a lot of nature around it. They recommend you to stay at this hotel during the summer so you can enjoy some beautiful hiking trips in the nearby surroundings. Also, if you decide to visit this resort during the winter, make sure that you have enough time to ski in the Pennsylvania mountains.

9.Omni Bedford Springs Resort

This gorgeous hotel offers many amenities for couples to enjoy their relaxing time at the hotel. One particular characteristic of this hotel is that is pet friendly. Sometimes, pets are part of the guest's special relationship and this hotel wanted to make sure that your pet is welcome as well. The indoor and outdoor pools will make you spend hours in them because of their modern and beautiful style. The rooms are spacious so you have enough space for yourself and your partner. If you are a fan of tennis, this hotel promises to have enough space for you to enjoy this activity. You must visit their spa to get a full experience.

10.Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia at Comcast Center

Our top 10 hotel is this four seasons where you can experience luxury at its finest. To begin with, this is the city’s tallest structure. The hotel offers unimpeded panoramic views that guests can enjoy from one end of the hotel to the other. Another amenity that guests can enjoy at this luxurious hotel is a fitness center, infinity pool, and elegant furniture. Guest rooms have some unique features such as freestanding tubs, vast living areas, and floor-to-floor-ceiling windows.

Four Seasons Hotel

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