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Thrill-Seeking Date Ideas for Adrenaline Junkies in New Jersey

If you've ever felt like you needed to try something new and spice up your typical date nights at the movies or grabbing a bite, look no further than this list compiling the most thrilling date ideas for you and your significant other.

New Jersey is well known for its many cultures from around the world, beautiful beaches and coastline, and its iconic boardwalks. What many don't know about it is that it is also home to a huge population of adrenaline junkies that love to risk it all in the name of fun!

Parasail the Coastline in Wildwood, New Jersey

Grab a date and head to Hang Loose Parasail in Wildwood, NJ for an exciting adventure! Parasailing is the perfect activity for couples. Enjoy your ride above the ocean in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. Take in the ocean and shore views from hundreds of feet in the air, and then get dipped in the ocean before being pulled back onto the boat.

Ride Horses at Top View Riding Ranch

There's nothing quite like going fast and feeling the wind against your face. Horseback riding can be a great couples bonding activity and present an opportunity to conquer fears together. The horses at Top View Riding Ranch are some of the best trained in the country, and the instructors are even willing to teach tricks!

Spend a day on the bay

New Jersey coastline are world famous, and for good reason! In the summer months, the water temperatures warm up just enough to be able to spend some fun time on the shore, and in the water. At Barnegat Bay, you can spend time together aboard a majestic sailboat and travel the bay. You will get the chance to relax with your special someone in a beautiful environment. Don't be afraid to extend your trip by visiting the next door outdoor tiki bar.

Take a Romantic Ferry Ride

Nothing screams Jersey like a ferry ride towards New York! Enjoy the ride and a 5 star dinner with a beautiful sunset view. This is also an extremely popular proposal idea so come prepared! Locals and visitors alike say that this is a must-see so make sure to reserve a spot in your schedule for these once in a lifetime views.

Maneuver Thousands of Miles Above Jersey Shore

What better way to see the views than thousands of miles in the air? This experience is truly breathtaking and will be something you and your significant other will never forget. There is an array of delicious restaurants and fun boardwalk games that you can spend the night hanging out by after your ride.

New Jersey is one of the best places in the nation to explore as a couple and it's no different for adrenaline junkies. Keep this list handy for future visits and enjoy the best New Jersey has to offer!

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