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Top 10 Things to Do in Flagstaff with Kids (Cheap & Easy)

Have family fun without fuss or breaking the bank with these 10 cheap and easy things to do in Flagstaff with kids.

things to do in flagstaff with kids

Flagstaff is a great place with lots of things to do with young kids. Luckily, Flagstaff has great enough weather where you can comfortably do things outside during the summer and has the benefit of snowing in the winter for family fun in the snow.

For this article, we are going to focus on summer activities that are cheap and easy to do with kids, though you can do many of these things in the colder months as well. Here are the top 10 things to do with your kids in Flagstaff that are cheap and easy.

1. Go to Foxglenn Park

foxglenn park in Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff has incredible parks, and you can really take your pick. Foxglenn Park, however, is a fantastic city park that we recommend you take your kids for free.

Foxglenn Park has the benefit of featuring many different aspects of play for your children. Take your pick between the best skatepark in town, a wonderful playground, a large, grassy field fit for soccer as well as it is for simple family games. Or, take your kids over to the basketball court right behind the park to shoot some hoops or to the baseball fields in front of the park to hit some dingers.

Foxglenn Park Price: Free

2. Movies on the Square

flagstaff movies on the square

The City of Flagstaff has many fun events that are family friendly throughout the year, and especially in the summer. One of the major highlights of the city’s summer events are the weekly "Movies on the Square" in the heart of Flagstaff’s historic downtown. In the square of downtown Flagstaff, the city sets up a large projector with family friendly movies each Saturday night, making it a perfect place to enjoy some quiet time while enjoying Cars or the Incredibles with your young ones. This option is free and only requires you to bring a chair to sit on!

Movies on the Square Price: Free

3. Arizona Snowbowl

flagstaff arizona snowbowl in the summer

Many people don’t know about Flagstaff’s breathtaking beauty. Sitting at 7,000 feet in elevation, the mountainous climate of Flagstaff make nature drives a popular option for anyone that lives there.

Particularly, we recommend checking out the famous Snowbowl in Flagstaff. While a ski resort in the winter, it is opened up to the public to tour and drive up to throughout the summer months. Take the kids for a nice drive up the mountains, allowing them to enjoy the nature they are immersed in, park at the base of Snowbowl resort, and go for a nice stroll through the pines--for free!

Another option: take some food and a blanket and have a picnic, or, bring a couple hammocks and allow your kids to drift off as they swing to the sound of the birds and the stunning views of the Snowbowl sunset.

Arizona Snowbowl Price: Free

4. Lava tubes

Looking for something a tad more adventurous? The Flagstaff Lava Tubes are a great, free way to spend a couple hours allowing your kids to explore the depths of molten lava caves in a safe environment and under your supervision.

There is only one main trail in the tubes, allowing you to keep track of your kids in an easy manner.

Bring some glow-sticks or a lazer pointer to add some color to the dark walls as you progress along your journey (or have a dance party at the end of the cave).

If you’re not into that, all you will need is a flashlight to light the way, sturdy shoes (as you will be hiking on rocks), and perhaps a light jacket as the temperature drops a bit as you plunge deeper into the caves.

Lava Tubes Price: Free

5. Challenge Course at Buffalo Park

Buffalo Park in Flagstaff Arizona

Buffalo park is a popular park among runners and families alike throughout Flagstaff. The open field trail makes for stunning views of the mountains and scenery around you while enjoying some light exercise along the path.

Additionally, as you progress throughout the Buffalo Park trail, there are mini challenge areas along the way. This allows for some fun, family competition that will stimulate your kids and let them challenge themselves. Game option: the family member who wins the most competitions at the end wins a prize!

Buffalo Park is a free park and is within a 10 minute drive of most areas in Flagstaff.

Buffalo Park Price: Free

6. Visit Lake Mary

As if there wasn’t already enough to do in Flagstaff, there is the wonderful Lake Mary just a 15-minute drive out of town. Enjoy magnificent views on the journey and make for a fun time with your family at a low price. Take your kids to sit on the beach, skip rocks along the water, or rent a few stand-up paddle boards to enjoy some time on the lake.

Lake Mary Price: Free

7. Lowell Observatory

Spark your children's curiosity in an educational environment by visiting Lowell Observatory on top of Mars Hill. Allow your kids to learn about space and the vastness of the universe while not having to break the bank. Enjoy the light show for a minimal price of $16 (for kids) or just walk around and enjoy the exhibits.

Lowell Observatory Price: Free

8. Bear Paw Recreational Center

If you’re looking for something to do that makes your kids run wild while you don’t have to do anything, take them to Bear Paw Recreational Center in the Continental neighborhood. While this is one of the most expensive options today, at a guest price of $12, you can sit back and relax while your kids play in the pool, enjoy a 12-hole mini golf course, play on the outdoor basketball court, or play games such as ping pong, billiards, or the gaming center inside the main clubhouse. If you’re hungry, snag some ice cream or taste the delicious food at the grill they have at the center. Or, participate in the fun activities yourself!

Bear Paw Price: $12/person

9. Disc Golf

McPherson Disc Golf Course in Flagstaff Arizona

The benefit of Flagstaff’s wonderful weather and family-friendly environment is it provides for great recreational activities for families outdoors, not the least of which are the several disc golf courses that Flagstaff has to offer (for free). If your kids can throw a frisbee or just need a place to run around, we recommend checking out the disc golf courses at Thorpe Park and McPherson park. Both courses are easy and include wonderful immersion inside Flagstaff’s extensive Ponderosa Pine-tree forest.

Disc Golf Price: Free

10. Weekly Farmers Market

Because Flagstaff is a community known for its love of nature and healthy living, it offers not one, but two farmers markets in town--one located downtown and the other located in the Sunny Side area. Take your kids to shop around the over 85 vendors present at the farmers market, enjoy some authentically prepared food, and see the incredible crafts made by the local people!

Farmers Market Price: Free

There you have it! 10 cheap and easy things to do with your kids in Flagstaff, Arizona. If you are looking for other travel tips for you and your loved one, make sure to stick around and check out our mission here.

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