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Top 5 Romantic Hotels in San Francisco

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

romantic hotel setting in san franciso

So you’re planning a trip to San Francisco with your significant other, and you want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. You’re not just looking for accommodations while you’re in San Francisco - you’re looking for romantic hotels. What are the most important things you should look for while planning your stay?

It's the little things.

If you’re under the impression that you need to book the most expensive room offered in order to be romantic, we’re happy to give your wallet some relief - expensive does not equal romantic. The primary difference between mainstream and romantic? It’s the little things.

Small touches placed throughout the room can tell your significant other, “You’re special”, “I’ve been thinking about you”, and “I love you”. Here’s a few suggestions that can make your hotel stay more romantic and intimate:

  • Chocolate: If the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, chocolates are sure to scream “romance”. Chocolates left on a bedside table or a pillow is a great first introduction to the room. If room service offers it on their menu, order some chocolate covered strawberries after dinner for a sweet ending to your night.

  • Flowers: Having a bouquet of flowers placed in the room is another great way to add an aura of romance to the trip. Want to up the ante? Call your hotel before booking and see if they’d be willing to add a rose petal turndown service - that way when you return to your room, the mood is perfectly set for a night of romance.

  • Lighting/Candles: Nothing sets the tone for romance more than candles or dim lights. Feel free to coordinate with your hotel to see if they’ll be willing to help you create romantic lighting either with candles, or by making sure all the lights are dimmed before checking into your room.

  • Fancy and Luxurious Towels/Bedding: Ask your hotel if they leave their towels or blankets folded into fancy or romantic shapes. For example, it’s not uncommon for hotels to leave towels folded into “kissing swans” or twisted into a heart.

  • Champagne: Having a chilled bottle of champagne waiting in the room for you and your significant other to enjoy adds to the feeling of luxury and romance in your weekend.

Note: Some of these ideas require coordination with the hotel, and it’s possible they will charge an additional fee for these room upgrades/features.

Now, to help you plan the perfect romantic getaway in San Francisco, we've carefully curated the top 5 hotels in San Francisco for you and your significant other.

The Fairmont San Francisco

If the outside looks like the Royal Palace in Madrid, it’s no surprise that the inside of the Fairmont San Francisco is just as luxurious. There are several room options, varying from Signature and Deluxe to Suites and Legacy Suites.

The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, a romantic hotel in San Francisco for couples
The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco

What really makes this hotel a great place to stay is the location. Just 1.3 miles from Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39, every guest is within walking distance of some of the best sites and shops that San Francisco has to offer. The Fairmont also offers a complimentary car service that will take you anywhere within a mile of the hotel - a real lifesaver when it comes to terrible parking in San Francisco.


  • Fitness Center

  • In-Room Dining

  • Restaurant and Bar

  • Afternoon Tea

  • Laundry Services

  • Concierge Services

  • In-Hotel Events

  • And More!

Price: $$-$$$

Book Here!

Hotel Drisco

a picture of a romantic San Francisco hotel with a beautiful bed and view
The Hotel Drisco

Next is the Hotel Drisco. Located near the iconic Pacific Heights neighborhood, the Hotel Drisco is sure to charm you and your lover with its 1903 Edwardian atmosphere. Both guest rooms and luxury suites are available. With lots of small and thoughtful touches (such as a pillow menu!), Drisco makes sure its guests feel special and appreciated.


  • Pillow menu

  • European-inspired closet amenities (long-handled shoe horn, clothes brush, garment bags, shopping bags)

  • Gourmet continental breakfast

  • Evening wine reception

  • Fitness center

  • Overnight shoe shine service

  • Coffee and tea available 24hrs/day

  • Handmade biscotti at 3pm daily

  • Chauffeur service to anywhere within the city of San Francisco

  • Complimentary turn-down service

  • Bicycles to borrow

Price: $$$

Book Here!

The Mansion on Sutter

a romantic hotel in san francisco for couples with victorian era furniture
A guest room in the Mansion on Sutter

The Mansion on Sutter is a classic San Francisco Victorian-Era house that has been converted into an elegant hotel. When booking, guests have their pick between a “modern” room and a “vintage” room. Modern rooms feature sleek and minimalist designs in the room, while vintage rooms feature antique furniture, intricate wallpaper, and carefully collected art pieces. Regardless of which room you pick, you are sure to have a wonderful experience that perfectly blends classic Victorian with modern luxury.


  • Turn-down service

  • Wake-up call

  • Premium bath products

  • Gym

  • High-speed Wifi

  • Art in nearly all spaces

Price: $$

Book Here!

Westin St. Francis

the lobby of a romantic hotel for couples in San Francisco
The Westin Hotel lobby, today

a black and white photo of a romantic hotel in San Francisco for couples from 1904
The Westin Hotel lobby in 1904

Located on Union Square in downtown San Francisco, the Westin St. Francis has been hosting guests since 1904. Still classy and timeless, staying at the Westin St. Francis puts you in close proximity to the best shopping, entertainment, and cable car experiences. While the close proximity to some of the best San Francisco shopping is the primary perk to this hotel, the rooms aren’t lacking either. High ceilings, elegant chandeliers, and decorative moldings all reflect the elegant and timeless building, while remaining classy and luxurious. A variety of classic guest rooms and suites means there is a perfect room waiting for any guest.


  • Restaurant

  • Meeting Space

  • Fitness Center

  • Dry Cleaning Service

  • Laundry

  • Room Service

  • Turndown Service

  • Wake up call

Price: $$-$$$

Book Here!

The Proper Hotel

a modern guest room in a romantic hotel in san francisco for couples
A Guest Room in The Proper Hotel

Instead of basing its theme off of classic, victorian-era San Francisco, the Proper Hotel focuses on the vibrant, chic vibe of modern San Francisco. The interior design is unmatched with bright colors, unique architecture, and modern art on every wall. A spacious and artistic lobby is paired next to a beautiful restaurant and bar, creating the perfect space for creativity, work, and leisure. This hotel creates the perfect debonair and suave environment for your romantic weekend - because anything less wouldn’t be proper.


  • Rooftop deck with outdoor fire pit

  • Villon restaurant and bar

  • Fitness center

  • Italian bedlinens

  • Pet-friendly hotel

  • Complimentary feeding bowls and treats for your pup

Price: $$

Book Here!

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