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The Most Fun Rainy Day Activities in Boston (2022)

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Want to know what to do when its raining, boy do we have the solution to your problem!

Boston in the rain at night

We all know that feeling, its raining outside you've run out of shows to watch or games to play, and now you want to get out and do something, well we have just the answer to your problem with these super fun activities to do across Boston.


1. Go karting!

people go karting

One of if not my favorite things to do around Boston is going go karting. In fact my favorite Supercharged is the biggest indoor track in the world featuring 14 acres of multi level racing just outside of Boston. You will not regret going here it is a total blast! However any go karting will be a blast!

Supercharged pricing

  • They have multiple different packages 27$ for a single race or 200$ for 10 races with many options in between.

lego land in boston

This one is especially popular with the children. With multiple rides this place is a must go for anyone traveling or that lives here. This place has it all 4d theater and attractions such as a digital space experience or creative workshops, or a brand new mini land built out of 1.5 million Lego bricks

3. Visit one of Boston's famous museums

Boston is home to many different famous museums including but not limited to, The Museum of Fine Arts, The Boston Tea Party ships and Museum, The John F Kennedy Presidential Museum and Library, The Museum of Science, and lastly The USS Constitution Museum

Painting in the fine art museum

This museum is the pinacol of art in Boston. It is the largest and oldest art institution in the city. The museum is know for its large collection of Asian and Egyptian art along with a large group of early American art pieces

Tea party boat with crowd

One of the most influential moments in American history happened right here. Now were not in the 1700's however this place is still very cool. The Museum is equipped with state of the art equipment such as interactable games and exhibits, lights and many other things. The painfully restored boats authentically restored boats along with live actors will make you feel like you have gone back in time!

Jfk library and museum

Based on the era of late president Kennedy, you start your visit by watching a short video about him and what he accomplished and then leaves you to explore the mass quantity of exhibits. My favorite exhibit there personally is about the space program aka NASA and how it developed into the powerhouse it is today. other exhibits include the Cuban missile crisis which I thought was very cool, 60's campaign paraphernalia, and the Kennedy Nixon debate.

With over 700 interactive exhibits this place is a must go for any family or lover of things that are cool! Along with that the museum has over 100 animals many of which are rescues and rehomes. Throughout the day the museum puts on multiple liv presentations which must I say are phenomenal. If that wasn't enough to make you wanna go they have fun engineering projects for all ages, along with a massive planetarium, which is in fact the best one in the New England area!

Child astronaut running through exhibit

The uss constitution

This isn't just your run of the mill boat, this is the USS Constitution! experience what it was like to live in the Charlestown naval yard over 200 years ago, and climb aboard the ship and explore all 5 levels from the sleeping quarters to the cannons!

4.Go bowling

Hit up the lanes with some friends for some "friendly" competition, or even join a league! Either way you cant go wrong with a classic that has been a staple all across America for multiple century

bowling with a sparkle

5. Go to a bruins or a Celtics game

Boston celtics player shooting the ball

TD Garden a famous stadium in the city of Boston and one you surely have heard of before. And if not why not make an appearance at one of the Celtics home games. The energy within this stadium will surely bring you into a better mood and make you forget all about the rainy day outside and immerse you in a game of camaraderie and brotherhood.

Bruins games

However maybe you're more of a hockey person yourself, I am too believe me, when I see a late 2nd period fight I'm all for it! If you haven't been to a game for the bruins you are missing out on a great time. I would recommend bundling up though those stadiums can get a little chilly!

6. Go explore an aquarium

I know what you're thinking, man I haven't been to one of these in forever, I was in that boat up until just recently when I went to an aquarium near me. This is by far one of my favorite places I have been in recent memory! The New England Aquarium is one of the leading aquariums in the world with over 1.3 million visitors a year! The aquarium houses over 1000 exhibits of wildlife from large shark tanks to touch tanks for rays. However the most impressive of all is their Giant Ocean Tank! This tank (if you dare call it that) is over 4 stories tall and filled to the brim with coral and wildlife including my favorite turtles! You will not be disappointed if you go here believe me!

7. Indoor rock climbing

Girl climbing wall while friends watch

One of my favorite things to do rain or shine is to go rock climbing. Not only is it a good workout but it is super fun! There are tons of indoor climbing gyms spread all over the place so I wont mention a specific one here. But most of the gyms change up there walls a lot like monthly so you will never get sick and tired of the same old climb over and over again. However if that means there is one that you're trying to get, you're on the clock cause next time you go it might just not be there!

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