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The 7 Best Hot Chocolate Spots in NYC

Hot Chocolate in NYC

Indulge your senses in a delightful journey through the bustling streets of New York City as we uncover the city's coziest and most enchanting hot chocolate havens. In a metropolis known for its diverse culinary landscape, we've sifted through the cocoa-dusted options to bring you the ultimate guide to the 7 Best Hot Chocolate Shops in New York City. From velvety, rich concoctions to innovative flavor fusions, each sip promises to be a moment of pure bliss. Join us as we navigate the city's sweetest spots, where warmth and decadence meet in a cup, creating an unparalleled experience for hot chocolate enthusiasts and urban explorers alike. Prepare to embark on a delicious expedition that will undoubtedly warm both your heart and your taste buds.

7. Venchi

Address: 861 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

Hot chocolate from Venchi in NYC

Ah, Venchi! Prepare to have your taste buds transported straight to Italian chocolate heaven. Nestled in various New York locations, this iconic chocolatier isn't just about decadent truffles and pralines - their hot chocolate is a legend in its own right.

Imagine this: velvety smooth, rich dark chocolate swirling with hints of vanilla and spice, warming your hands and your soul with every sip. Its intense flavor and fragrance can be compared to melted chocolate bars and luxurious pudding. One sip and you'll understand why it's been described as "a hug in a mug."

Inside of Venchi in NYC

But Venchi doesn't stop there. They offer variations to tantalize every palate. Craving something lighter? Go for the Bianco, a white chocolate dream infused with delicate floral notes. Feeling adventurous? The Gianduja blends in hazelnut paste for a nutty, irresistible twist. And no matter your pick, don't forget the whipped cream – light and fluffy, it's the perfect finishing touch to your chocolatey masterpiece.

So, next time you're in New York and a chill sets in, skip the ordinary cocoa and indulge in a Venchi hot chocolate. It's more than just a drink; it's an experience that will leave you wanting to savor every drop. Trust me, your taste buds (and your soul) will thank you.

6. Thierry Atlan, Soho

Address: 436 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012

Thierry Atlan in New York City

Embark on a sensory voyage through the heart of New York City with Thierry Atlan, a distinguished bakery that stands out for its exceptional hot chocolate experience. Located amidst the array of enticing pastries and artisanal delights, Thierry Atlan's hot chocolate is a masterpiece in itself, blending French expertise with contemporary flair. As you step into the bakery, the inviting aroma of freshly baked pastries is complemented by the rich scent of velvety hot chocolate, setting the stage for a memorable encounter with this decadent beverage.

But Thierry Atlan doesn't stop at perfection. They offer a tempting array of variations to tantalize every palate. Feeling adventurous? Try the "Spicy Maya", where dark chocolate dances with a touch of chili pepper for a fiery kick. Craving something lighter? The "Noisette" infuses hazelnut paste for a creamy, nutty delight. And no matter your choice, don't forget the house-made whipped cream – light and fluffy, it's the essential finishing touch to your chocolatey masterpiece.

5. Daily Provisions

Address: 103 E 19th St, New York, NY 10003

Hot drink from Daily Provisions in New York City

Nestled in the heart of New York City, Daily Provisions is a beloved neighborhood eatery known for its delectable breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. But beyond their scrumptious sandwiches and mouthwatering baked goods, Daily Provisions has garnered a dedicated following for their truly exceptional hot chocolate. Made with a rich ganache using a blend of Vesta dark and milk chocolates, this decadent drink is a symphony of flavors, with warm notes of cinnamon and vanilla dancing on your palate. Topped with fluffy whipped cream and a toasted marshmallow, it's a guaranteed mood-booster on even the chilliest winter day.

Whether you're a die-hard chocolate enthusiast or simply seeking a cozy escape from the city's hustle and bustle, Daily Provisions' hot chocolate is a must-try. With its luxurious taste, charming atmosphere, and multiple locations across Manhattan, it's the perfect spot to indulge your sweet tooth and warm your soul. So next time you're craving a cup of cocoa that's a cut above the rest, Daily Provisions is calling your name.

4. Bar Pisellino

Address: 52 Grove Street, 7th Ave S at, New York, NY 10014

Drinks from Bar Pisellino in New York

Nestled in the heart of Greenwich Village, Bar Pisellino is a charming Italian cafe that's become a local favorite for its warm atmosphere and delicious drinks. But beyond their perfectly frothed cappuccinos and boozy aperitivos, Bar Pisellino's true gem is their heavenly hot chocolate.

Described as "thick like a melted chocolate bar" and "resembling a warm chocolate pudding," Bar Pisellino's hot chocolate is a luxurious treat for the senses. Made with a blend of milk, cocoa powder, sugar, and cornstarch, this rich and decadent drink is sure to warm you up from the inside out. And for an extra touch of indulgence, don't forget to add a scoop of their housemade whipped cream – it's the perfect way to top off this already perfect cup.

So next time you're in the mood for a cozy escape, head to Bar Pisellino and curl up with a steaming mug of their signature hot chocolate. You won't be disappointed!

3. Bad Habit

Address: 32-03 Broadway, Queens, NY 11106

Bad Habit hot drink in NYC

Forget your preconceived notions of hot chocolate; here, it's a show-stopping, Instagram-worthy affair that will tempt even the most devoted tea drinker. This ice cream haven has whipped up a legend in their affogato, a decadent marriage of their thick, rich hot chocolate and a scoop of their house-made ice cream.

Imagine this: molten dark chocolate, almost like a ganache, blanketing a scoop of Madagascar vanilla ice cream. As you dip your spoon in, the ice cream swirls through the warm chocolate, creating a symphony of creamy and smooth. Their hot chocolate has an intense chocolate flavor it's like drinking a warm chocolate cake.

But Bad Habit doesn't stop there. They offer tempting flavor combinations to keep you coming back for more. Craving something nutty? Try the hazelnut gianduja crunch ice cream for a taste explosion. Feeling fruity? The raspberry sorbet affogato is a tangy twist. And don't forget the toppings! From toasted marshmallows to sprinkles, you can customize your creation to your heart's content.

2. Lysêe

Address: 44 E 21st St, New York, NY 10010

Lysêe drink in NYC

Tucked away in the heart of New York City's Flatiron district, Lysée is a charming Korean-French dessert shop that's quickly gained a loyal following for its exquisite pastries and decadent hot chocolate. Made with Valrhona chocolate, Lysée's hot chocolate is a luxurious experience for the senses.

Inside of Lycee in New York City

For those seeking a classic indulgence, Lysée's Original Hot Chocolate is a must-try. Made with a blend of dark and milk chocolate, it's rich, flavorful, and perfectly balanced. But for the adventurous palates, Lysée also offers a daring twist on the traditional with their buckwheat hot chocolate. This unique concoction boasts a hint of earthiness that complements the rich chocolate beautifully. And no matter your preference, don't forget to top your hot chocolate with their house-made whipped cream – it's the perfect finishing touch to this delightful treat.

So next time you're in New York City and craving a decadent hot chocolate experience, be sure to add Lysée to your list. With its charming atmosphere, friendly service, and selection of delectable hot chocolates, it's the perfect spot to warm up and indulge your sweet tooth.

1. Jaques Torres

Address: 66 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201-1135

Hot chocolate from Jaques Torres in New York City

Get ready to step into a Willy Wonka-esque dream world, where hot chocolate transcends a mere beverage and becomes a full-blown, decadent experience. Nestled in various New York City locations, this haven for chocolate fiends isn't just about truffles and bonbons (though those are worth the trip alone). Their hot chocolate is an obsession-worthy legend, a symphony of chocolate richness that will leave you weak in the knees (in the best way possible).

The thick, molten dark chocolate, like a melted dream you can hold in your hands. Every sip explodes with layers of flavor, hinting at vanilla, spice, and that indescribable "je ne sais quoi" that only Jacques Torres seems to master. Reviews rave about its "intense, almost ganache-like texture," comparing it to "warm, melted chocolate heaven" and "drinking a chocolate bar in the best possible way."

But Jacques Torres doesn't rest on its laurels. They offer variations to tempt every palate: the Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate for those who crave a fiery kick, the Salted Caramel for a sweet-salty dance, and even a Vegan Hot Chocolate that proves plant-based doesn't have to mean sacrificing decadence. And no matter your choice, don't forget the whipped cream. Light and fluffy, it's the perfect angel-cloud topping to your chocolatey masterpiece.

So, next time you're in New York and need a sugar rush of the most divine kind, skip the ordinary cocoa and dive headfirst into a Jacques Torres hot chocolate. It's more than just a drink; it's a journey into pure chocolatey bliss. Let your taste buds sing and your soul sigh with contentment. Trust me, it's an experience you won't soon forget.

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