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New Jersey's Most Unique Date Spots

New Jersey is well known for being a melting pot in America, there are so many different cultures and ethnicity groups that settle in the many boroughs and counties within the state that make dining out such an enjoyable experience.

As far as relationships go, having new up and coming spots to grab a bite to eat, enjoy a view, and get to know each other better is priceless. Next date night, you and your significant other (or Tinder date!) don’t have to settle for the same old, same old in Jersey. Think outside the box and try one of these fun, quirky rendezvous spots instead.

Pier 13

Grab a bite to eat right on the iconic Jersey Shore. Hoboken is one of the most well known and transited beaches on the coast, with beautiful sand and great views, this spot makes sure to wow your significant other for the night!

Delsea Drive-In Theatre

Take a blast to the past with a good old fashioned movie date at the drive in. Your date is sure to be blown away by the comfort of watching a nice film from the comfort of your own vehicle. Snuggle away and enjoy the show.

Poached Pear Restaurant

Enjoy a Michelin five star meal right off the beach or the boardwalk at Poached Pear, the chefs here are world renowned and know how to blow you away with the quality of the food and inviting atmosphere.

Jersey Artisan Distillery

Take a tour of history at Jersey Artisan Distillery, New Jersey’s first distillery since the Prohibition era. Try the famed, highly-rated Busted Barrel rum and take an Uber home so your date doesn’t have to drive.

Stress Factory

Let off some steam from a busy work week at Stress Factory, one of New Jersey's most famous comedy clubs. Hear from some of the best artists in the country and laugh till you drop.


Enjoy the best nostalgic arcade games while sharing a drink with your date, this place is sure to surprise them and counts as one of the most unique on the list. Just don't get too tipsy that you lose the high score!

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