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Discover the 7 Top-Rated Restaurants in Vermont

Updated: Feb 1

Beautiful Fall Vermont Leaves

Welcome to Vermont, a state known for its scenic beauty, outdoor adventures, and, most importantly, its exceptional culinary scene. Whether you're a local foodie or a traveler seeking to indulge in Vermont's finest eats, this guide is your go-to resource. From cozy cafes to upscale dining, Vermont offers a diverse range of culinary experiences. Here, we've curated a list of the top seven restaurants that you simply cannot miss. Each offers a unique flavor of Vermont, showcasing the best of local cuisine and ingredients.

Why Vermont?

Vermont stands out not just as a place, but as an embodiment of a unique lifestyle, merging its breathtaking natural beauty with a vibrant food scene that reflects its character. The state's scenery, especially in fall with its stunning display of foliage, attracts "leaf-peepers" from all corners, creating a backdrop for a culinary adventure like no other. Vermont's food culture is intertwined with its rustic, old-fashioned charm and rural setting. Here, the pace of life is slower, and this is reflected in the care and attention to detail in its cuisine. Restaurants pride themselves on using locally-sourced, fresh ingredients, aligning with the state's commitment to sustainability and supporting local farmers and artisans.


This sense of community and simplicity extends to the dining table. Vermont's culinary scene is not just about eating; it's about experiencing the state's rich heritage and tight-knit community spirit. The food here tells a story of tradition, of families who have lived off this land for generations, and of a community that values the land and what it provides. In Vermont, a meal is an opportunity to slow down, appreciate the serene surroundings, and engage in warm, friendly conversations. The state's commitment to preserving its natural beauty and cultural heritage is palpable in every bite of its locally crafted cheeses, maple syrup, and farm-fresh produce. Vermont is a place where the food is as honest and unpretentious as its landscape and people, offering a serene and authentic culinary experience that perfectly complements its picturesque and peaceful setting. A visit to one of these eateries would fit perfectly into a weekend trip to get outside and explore the state. Visit this website to visit some of the best hikes and views in Vermont!

7 Highest-Rated Restaurants in Vermont

  1. The Farmhouse Tap & Grill - American Cuisine, Burlington

  2. Hen of the Wood - Farm-to-Table, Waterbury

  3. Michael's on the Hill - European-Inspired Cuisine, Waterbury Center

  4. The Kitchen Table Bistro - Rustic Fine Dining, Richmond

  5. A Single Pebble - Authentic Chinese, Burlington

  6. Trattoria Delia - Italian Cuisine, Burlington

  7. Bluebird Barbecue - American Barbecue, Burlington

The Farmhouse Tap & Grill

Nestled in the heart of Burlington, The Farmhouse Tap & Grill is a haven for lovers of craft beer and farm-to-table American cuisine. Known for its rustic yet sophisticated ambiance, it’s a perfect spot to experience Vermont's local flavors. The menu is a testament to the state's rich agricultural heritage, featuring ingredients sourced from nearby farms. The most popular dish? The Farmhouse Burger, a juicy delight topped with local cheese and bacon, capturing the essence of Vermont on a plate.

The Farmhouse Burger

Hen of the Wood

Hen of the Wood in Waterbury is a true gem, offering a dining experience that's both elegant and earthy. This restaurant is renowned for its commitment to local farmers and artisans, bringing the freshest Vermont ingredients to your table. The menu changes daily, but a standout dish that has gained acclaim is their Mushroom Toast, a simple yet flavorful testament to their farm-to-table ethos.

Hen of the Wood Restaurant

Michael's on the Hill

Located in Waterbury Center, Michael's on the Hill transports you to Europe with its exquisite cuisine. The restaurant's setting in a charming, converted farmhouse offers stunning views and an intimate dining experience. Chef Michael Kloeti's European-inspired dishes are a culinary journey. The standout? Their Beef Bourguignon, a classic French stew that's rich, comforting, and deeply flavorful.

Michael's on the Hill

The Kitchen Table Bistro

Richmond's The Kitchen Table Bistro is a rustic yet refined restaurant where elegance meets simplicity. This bistro takes pride in serving upscale comfort food in a beautifully restored farmhouse. A must-try is their Vermont Chicken, perfectly roasted and served with seasonal sides. It's a dish that feels like a warm embrace, embodying the comfort and charm of Vermont.

The Kitchen Table Bistro Exterior

A Single Pebble

A Single Pebble in Burlington offers an authentic Chinese culinary adventure. The ambiance is cozy and inviting, making it a perfect spot for a family dinner or a romantic evening. The Chef's Mock Eel, a crispy mushroom dish, is a crowd favorite and a testament to the restaurant's creativity and mastery of flavor.

Single Pebble Platter

Trattoria Delia

Trattoria Delia is a slice of Italy in Burlington, known for its romantic ambiance and authentic Italian dishes. The menu is a celebration of traditional Italian cooking, with a focus on fresh, quality ingredients. The standout dish, their homemade Gnocchi, is a testament to the chef's passion for Italian cuisine – soft, pillowy, and served in a rich, flavorful sauce.

Trattoria Delia Italian Food

Bluebird Barbecue

Bluebird Barbecue brings the soul of American barbecue to Burlington. This laid-back spot is perfect for family gatherings or casual dining with friends. The restaurant's signature dish, the Smoked Brisket, is slow-cooked to perfection, offering a melt-in-your-mouth experience that's smoky, savory, and utterly satisfying.

Bluebird BBQ Platter


Exploring these culinary gems is more than just a meal; it's an adventure into the heart of Vermont's agricultural heritage and artisanal spirit. As you taste your way through local cheeses, farm-fresh produce, and craft brews, you're participating in a tradition that values sustainability, community, and the art of food. Each restaurant not only showcases the best of Vermont's seasonal offerings but also tells a story of the people and places behind the ingredients. From the warm welcome at the door to the last bite of dessert, dining in Vermont is an experience to be savored and remembered. So, allow yourself to be enchanted by the flavors and stories of this beautiful state. Your taste buds—and heart—will thank you. Each of these seven restaurants offers a unique dining experience that reflects the state's rich culture and commitment to quality. Whether you're seeking a cozy bistro, a rustic grill, or an elegant dining room, Vermont has it all. So next time you find yourself in the Green Mountain State, be sure to indulge in these culinary delights. Bon appétit!

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