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Best Brazilian Movies on Netflix

Brazilian Cinema

Brazil, a land of vibrant colors, pulsating rhythms, and diverse landscapes, is a country that has captured the hearts and imaginations of people around the world. Its rich tapestry of culture and history is woven into every facet of life, including its cinema. Brazilian movies, like the country itself, are a mesmerizing blend of influences and experiences that have shaped this South American giant. In this blog post, we will embark on a cinematic journey through the enchanting world of Brazilian cinema, exploring how it reflects the nation's unique cultural mosaic, tumultuous history, and passionate spirit. From iconic classics to contemporary gems, Brazilian films offer a window into a country where storytelling is as colorful and complex as the people who call it home. Join us as we uncover the magic of Brazilian cinema and its profound connection to the nation's identity. In this article we will talk about the top rated Brazilian picks, but click here to see Netflix's full list of Brazilian Movies.

1. AmarElo - It's All For Yesterday (2020)

AmarElo - It's All For Yesterday (2020)

"AmarElo - It's All For Yesterday" is a poignant and deeply moving documentary film that serves as a love letter to Brazilian culture and music. Directed by Emicida, a prominent Brazilian rapper and musician, the film chronicles his journey through the vibrant world of Brazilian hip-hop and its profound impact on the country's socio-cultural landscape. Blending live performances, intimate interviews, and captivating visuals, "AmarElo" pays tribute to the resilience, creativity, and unity of the Brazilian people while shedding light on the challenges and inequalities they face. It's a powerful exploration of music's ability to inspire change and a heartfelt celebration of Brazil's rich artistic heritage. Through Emicida's lyrical storytelling and soul-stirring performances, the film delivers a potent message of hope and cultural pride that resonates far beyond the borders of Brazil.

2. Elena (2012)

Elena (2012)

"Elena," available on Netflix, is a mesmerizing Brazilian documentary that unfolds as both a personal memoir and a contemplation on the elusive nature of memory and family ties. Directed by Petra Costa, the film delves into her own life story, primarily focusing on her relationship with her older sister, Elena. As Petra retraces Elena's journey from their childhood in Brazil to her pursuit of a career in acting in New York City, the film becomes a poignant exploration of dreams, aspirations, and the complex dynamics of family. Blurring the lines between reality and dreamlike sequences, "Elena" is a visually stunning and emotionally charged cinematic experience. It offers viewers a raw and introspective look into the director's own psyche, weaving together themes of loss, identity, and the inexorable passage of time. This evocative documentary is a beautifully crafted ode to sisterhood and the enduring power of memories.

3. The Beginning Of Life (2016)

The Beginning Of Life (2016)

"The Beginning of Life," available on Netflix, is a thought-provoking Brazilian documentary that delves into the fascinating world of early childhood development. Directed by Estela Renner, the film embarks on a global journey, examining the critical first years of a child's life and the profound impact it has on their future. Through heartwarming interviews with parents, educators, and experts from various cultures and backgrounds, "The Beginning of Life" underscores the universal importance of love, care, and nurturing in shaping young minds. It sheds light on the groundbreaking research in neuroscience and early childhood education, emphasizing the crucial role that caregivers play in fostering a child's emotional, cognitive, and social development. With its touching narratives and compelling insights, the film becomes a compelling call to action, advocating for a world where every child has the opportunity to thrive from the very beginning of life.

4. The Last Forest (2012)

The Last Forest (2012)

"The Last Forest," a captivating Brazilian documentary available on Netflix, immerses viewers in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, one of the planet's most vital ecosystems. Directed by Luiz Bolognesi, the film takes us on a mesmerizing journey, exploring the lives, stories, and rich traditions of the indigenous Suruí people who call this majestic forest home. As we witness their struggle to preserve their ancestral lands in the face of deforestation and environmental threats, "The Last Forest" becomes a powerful and urgent meditation on the intersection of culture, nature, and humanity's responsibility to protect the Earth. With stunning cinematography and intimate storytelling, the documentary sheds light on the delicate balance between progress and preservation and offers a poignant reminder of the invaluable ecological and cultural treasures that reside within the Amazon rainforest.

5. The Edge of Democracy (2019)

The Edge of Democracy (2019)

"The Edge of Democracy," a gripping Brazilian documentary available on Netflix, offers an unfiltered and intimate look at the recent political turmoil and transformation in Brazil. Directed by Petra Costa, the film provides a deeply personal perspective on the country's complex political landscape, focusing on Costa's own family's involvement in the political struggles. Through stunning cinematography and candid interviews with key figures, including former presidents Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, the documentary unfolds as a passionate exploration of democracy's fragility in the face of corruption and political polarization. As Brazil grapples with corruption scandals, social inequality, and divisive politics, "The Edge of Democracy" serves as a timely and thought-provoking examination of the challenges facing democracy in a rapidly changing world.

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