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9 Unique Restaurants Near Lincoln, New Hampshire

Lincoln, New Hampshire, nestled in the heart of the White Mountains, boasts a diverse culinary scene. In this article, we'll embark on a culinary exploration and discover nine unique restaurants near Lincoln, each offering a distinct dining experience that complements the region's natural wonders.

1. Gypsy Cafe

  • Cuisine: Eclectic, Fusion

  • Address: 117 Main St, Lincoln, NH 03251

  • Pricing: Moderate

Fusion plate with over easy eggs

Nestled in the heart of Lincoln's quaint downtown area, Gypsy Cafe is a culinary gem that blends flavors from around the world with a creative touch. As you step inside, the eclectic decor and vibrant atmosphere set the stage for a memorable dining experience. The menu features a fusion of cuisines, offering dishes like Moroccan lamb, Thai-style chicken satay, and Mexican-inspired street corn. The aroma of spices and herbs fills the air, creating a sensory journey that mirrors the global inspirations behind each dish.

2. The Common Man

  • Cuisine: American, Farm-to-Table

  • Address: 10 Pollard Rd, Lincoln, NH 03251

  • Pricing: Moderate to High

Delicious home cooked meal with potatoes and green beans

For those seeking a taste of authentic New England fare, The Common Man is a quintessential dining destination. This farm-to-table restaurant is committed to sourcing ingredients locally, ensuring each dish is a celebration of the region's culinary heritage. The menu boasts classics like New England clam chowder, maple-glazed salmon, and homemade apple crisp. As you savor the flavors of the region, you'll also appreciate the rustic ambiance and warm hospitality that make dining at The Common Man a cherished experience.

3. Black Mtn. Burger Co.

  • Cuisine: Burgers, Comfort Food

  • Address: 264 Main St, Lincoln, NH 03251

  • Pricing: Budget-Friendly

Delicious plates for burgers and fries of different varieties

Sometimes, the allure of a hearty burger is simply irresistible, and Black Mtn. Burger Co. delivers on this craving with flair. This cozy eatery is a burger lover's paradise, offering a diverse selection of handcrafted burgers made from locally sourced beef, including options for vegetarians. The casual, friendly atmosphere adds to the charm, making it a must-visit for burger enthusiasts.

4. The Woodstock Inn, Station & Brewery

  • Cuisine: American, Brewery

  • Address: 135 Main St, North Woodstock, NH 03262

  • Pricing: Moderate to High

Brewery food of fajitas and veggies

A short drive from Lincoln, in the neighboring town of North Woodstock, The Woodstock Inn, Station & Brewery beckons with a unique combination of delicious cuisine and craft beer. This historic inn boasts a brewery that produces a variety of exceptional ales and lagers, all brewed on-site. The restaurant menu features hearty pub fare like bangers and mash, fish and chips, and delectable wood-fired pizzas. The scent of wood smoke from the brick oven mingles with the aroma of freshly brewed beer, creating an inviting and rustic atmosphere.

5. Gordi's Fish & Steak House

  • Cuisine: Seafood, Steak

  • Address: 260 Main St, Lincoln, NH 03251

  • Pricing: Moderate to High

Perfectly cooked steak with rice and veggies

Nestled along the Pemigewasset River, Gordi's Fish & Steak House offers a delightful combination of surf and turf in a picturesque setting. The menu showcases a variety of fresh seafood options, from lobster and crab to scallops and haddock, as well as succulent steaks cooked to perfection. Pair your meal with a selection from their extensive wine list for a truly indulgent experience.

6. Fabyan's Station

  • Cuisine: American, Historic Dining

  • Address: 288 Carroll Road, Bretton Woods, NH 03575

  • Pricing: Moderate to High

Fresh sandwich with tomatoes and lettuce with a side of onion rings

Fabyan's Station, located near the historic Bretton Woods, offers a unique dining experience in a beautifully restored train station. The ambiance is reminiscent of a bygone era, and the menu features a mix of American classics with a modern twist. Enjoy dishes like prime rib, seafood linguini, and decadent desserts while taking in panoramic views of the surrounding mountains through the station's large windows.

7. Six Burner Bistro

  • Cuisine: Contemporary American

  • Address: 13 Main St, Plymouth, NH 03264

  • Pricing: Moderate to High

high class italian food

A short drive from Lincoln, Six Burner Bistro in Plymouth offers a contemporary American dining experience. The menu features locally sourced ingredients prepared with a creative flair. Indulge in dishes like duck confit, pan-seared scallops, and artisanal cheese platters. The restaurant's warm and inviting atmosphere makes it an ideal choice for a romantic dinner or special occasion.

8. The Purple Tomato

  • Cuisine: Italian, Mediterranean

  • Address: 70 Main St, Lincoln, NH 03251

  • Pricing: Moderate

Healthy crab sandwiches

The Purple Tomato is a charming Italian and Mediterranean restaurant in the heart of Lincoln. With a cozy ambiance and an extensive wine list, it's an excellent choice for a relaxed evening. The menu features dishes like handmade pasta, wood-fired pizzas, and fresh seafood. The scents of garlic, basil, and simmering sauces create an inviting atmosphere that transports diners to the Mediterranean coast.

9. The Beal House

  • Cuisine: American, Historic Dining

  • Address: 2 W Main St, Littleton, NH 03561

  • Pricing: Moderate

Margarita in the backround with fancy food

Another culinary gem in Littleton, The Beal House, combines historic charm with contemporary cuisine. Housed in a beautifully restored 1833 building, the restaurant offers a menu that highlights local and seasonal ingredients. Enjoy dishes like New England bouillabaisse, pan-seared duck breast, and decadent desserts. The cozy and intimate atmosphere makes it a wonderful choice for a romantic dinner.


Lincoln, New Hampshire offers a diverse dining landscape that complements the region's allure. Whether you're looking for global fusion, farm-to-table delights, classic burgers, or fine dining experiences, these unique restaurants in and around Lincoln promise a memorable culinary journey in this picturesque corner of New England.

Whether you're fueling up after a day of hiking or simply seeking a memorable meal, these dining destinations have something to satisfy every palate. So, plan your visit and savor the flavors of Lincoln's dining scene on your next adventure in the White Mountains.

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