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8 Romantic Activities in Philadelphia.

Are you dating, engaged, or married? No matter your relationship status every time you are in company with your loved one you want to create priceless memories. Unfortunately, one of the most common problems is that sometimes you run out of romantic ideas or activities to do. Through this blog, I will share with you the 8 most romantic activities that you can try in Philadelphia to impress your beloved.

1.Amazing food

Every time you are in a new city the first thing you can do is try their food. Some places are well known for their emblematic dishes. For instance, when you think of Italy the first food that comes to your mind is pizza or pasta, Texas BBQ, Louisiana Cajun seafood, and of course Philadelphia Philly cheesesteaks. Whether you are visiting or live here tasting a juicy steak with yellow melting cheese on top and grilled onions is the best combination. I am sure that delicious food can be part of a nice date.

2.Romantic walk

Have you heard that less is more? When you think about a romantic scene you can picture a couple on the shore of the beach looking at the sunset or holding hands. Sometimes to create good memories you only must relax and be in a peaceful place with that special person. In Philadelphia, you can recreate one of these romantic scenes by walking through more than 300 parks. Some of the most iconic are East and West Fairmount Park, Parque Fairmount, and Wissahickon Valley Park.

Beautiful Philadelphia View


Philadelphia is not only well known for its food or sports teams. As you study during your elementary courses many independence achievements took place in this city. Because of this, you can explore a vast number of museums here. This activity could become a good moment to learn and spend a good amount of time together. Visit Philadelphia and provide a list of 16 historic museums or attractions that you could consider. In addition, many of these places are completely free. When you visit Philadelphia, you would not like to miss at least one picture with the Liberty Bell.

4.The largest mall on the East coast.

Are you the kind of person that loves all in one place? so then the King of Prussia Mall is for you. If you or your loved are not the kind of people who spend a lot of time outdoors and love shopping this mall is the best fit for you. This massive 2.9 million square foot offers 7 department stores and more than 450 boutiques and restaurants. One of the main reasons why Philadelphians and foreigners visit this mall is because of its versatility, meaning that you can find the most basic stores such as H&M to the most exclusive designer brands such as Chanel. This same variety applies to the restaurant as well. The king of Prussia mall can be a great place to shop and have food whether you want to stay on your budget or spend as a millionaire.

5.Love sculpture

In today’s world, social media takes a huge part of our life, people spend time sharing their favorite food, hobbies, and even places they visit. If you live in Philadelphia or visit the city, one of the most iconic attractions that congregate young and older couples is the LOVE sculpture. This representative sculpture was created by the artist Robert Indiana in 1970 and you can not only enjoy and take pictures of this sculpture but over than other 50 sculptures that belong to the concept known as the Museum without walls in the heart of the city. For sure this activity will demonstrate the love that you and your partner have and it can be recorded in romantic social media pictures.

Love Statue in Philadelphia
Love Sign

6. Sports

Philadelphia hosts amazing sports clubs such as The Eagles, 76sers, and the Philadelphia Phillies. Even when you do not consider yourself a sports fan, it is well known that in every game you can feel the excitement of the team and look at the high performance of the players. This activity provides the opportunity to start a new hobby or tradition. Many families or couples base their love on sports traditions that falls generation through generation. You do not want to miss the chance to watch the best players of the city against other superstars.

7. Romantic Dinner

If you think that some of these activities or suggestions are not as romantic, you thought. A romantic dinner never fails, of course, every couple dream about the idea of having a romantic dinner with wine and candles at the most exclusive restaurant in the city. According to TripAdvisor some of the most romantic restaurants in town are The Victor Café an authentic Italian restaurant, The Bistro Romano with European food, and The Butcher and Singer American steakhouse. Any of these options will impress your soul mate and create a memory that you both keep forever.

8. Longwood Gardens

Can you imagine 1,000+ acres filled with 20 outdoor gardens, 20 indoor gardens, and 11,000 different types of plants? You can find this amazing place only 50 minutes away from the center of Philadelphia. Longwoods garden is the perfect landscape for a romantic evening with your loved one. Because of this magnificent garden and the other 30 gardens in the city, Philadelphia is known as the American garden capital. If you love to be in a peaceful place and sounded by nature this perfect place to spend quality time with that special one.

As is mentioned, wheatear you are married, engaged, or just dating you want to impress your loved one with a special activity or memories that both of you can remember forever. Philadelphia without doubt provides a vast opportunity for couples to enjoy all the different romantic attractions that are in the city. This place fits everybody’s preferences from historic museums, breathtaking views, professional sports, authentic food, romantic dinners, colossal malls and so more. If you are visiting or already live here make sure to do some of these activities, you would not regret it.

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