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7 Unforgettable Union Station Denver Restaurants

Denver's Union Station is a historic train station located in the heart of downtown Denver. Today, Union Station is a vibrant and bustling space, with a variety of shops and restaurants located both inside the station and in the surrounding neighborhood! We picked out our favorite restaurants in the area that will serve as a perfect date night for you and your special someone.

1. Mercantile Dining & Provision

Mercantile Dining & Provision picture of bar and interior of restaurant

Located in Denver's historic Union Station, Mercantile Dining & Provision is known for its fresh, seasonal American cuisine and extensive market of artisanal products. The restaurant's focus on quality ingredients is evident in every dish, from the charcuterie and cheese plates to the entrees like the pan-roasted trout or the grilled hanger steak. Executive chef Alex Seidel has a strong commitment to sourcing ingredients locally, which he accomplishes through his own farm, Fruition Farms, as well as other local producers. The restaurant's sleek, modern design features a spacious dining room, an open kitchen, and a beautifully stocked market selling local honey, jams, and baked goods.

Mercantile Dining & Provision is perfect for a night out with friends, a business dinner, or a romantic evening. Whether you're looking for a quick bite before catching a train or a leisurely dinner with that special someone, Mercantile Dining & Provision is sure to impress.

2. Stoic & Genuine

Sotic & Genuine's delicious sea food and assorted meals

Stoic and Genuine is a renowned seafood restaurant located in Union Station in Denver, Colorado. The restaurant is known for its fresh seafood and oyster bar, as well as its commitment to sustainable and responsible sourcing practices.

The interior of Stoic and Genuine is modern and stylish, with high ceilings and a spacious layout. The centerpiece of the restaurant is the impressive raw bar, which features a variety of fresh seafood and shellfish. The menu at Stoic and Genuine changes regularly, depending on the availability of fresh ingredients, but guests can always expect to find a variety of creative and flavorful dishes.

Some standout menu items include the chilled seafood tower, which is perfect for sharing and includes oysters, lobster, crab, and shrimp, as well as the grilled octopus with chickpeas and chorizo. The restaurant also has an extensive wine list and a variety of craft cocktails to complement the food.

One of the things that sets Stoic and Genuine apart from other seafood restaurants is their commitment to sustainability. The restaurant works closely with local fishermen and farmers to source the freshest and most responsibly harvested seafood and produce. This commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of the restaurant, from the menu to the decor.

3. Ultreia

Interior view of Ultreia and its beautiful environment

Ultreia is a Spanish-inspired restaurant known for its bold flavors and creative menu, which features a variety of tapas-style dishes, charcuterie, and Spanish wines. The interior of Ultreia is warm and inviting, with rustic decor that evokes the feeling of a traditional Spanish tavern. The restaurant has a large bar area where guests can enjoy a variety of Spanish wines and cocktails, as well as an open kitchen where they can watch the chefs at work.

The menu at Ultreia is designed for sharing, with a variety of small plates that are perfect for sampling and sharing with friends. Some standout dishes include the grilled octopus with chorizo and fingerling potatoes, the crispy pork belly with apple puree and pickled onions, and the paella with shrimp, mussels, and chorizo.

In addition to the food, Ultreia also has an impressive wine list, with a focus on Spanish varietals. Guests can choose from a variety of reds, whites, and rosés, as well as a selection of sherries and ports.

Ultreia is a must-visit restaurant for couples who love Spanish cuisine and are looking for a unique dining experience in Denver. With its bold flavors and unique atmosphere, it's no wonder why Ultreia has quickly become one of the most popular restaurants in Union Station and the city itself.

4. Acme Delicatessen

Interior view of Acme Delicatessen and its food and drinks

Acme Delicatessen is a classic deli located in the Five Points neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. The restaurant has been serving up traditional Jewish deli fare since 2014 and is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.

With a vintage vibe that transports guests back in time, the interior feels inviting, new, and familiar all at the same time. The walls are adorned with old photos and memorabilia, giving the restaurant a nostalgic feel. The menu at Acme Delicatessen features classic deli sandwiches, soups, salads, and sides, all made with the highest quality ingredients.

The extremely popular menu includes a Reuben sandwich, made with house-cured corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing, as well as the matzo ball soup, which is made with rich chicken broth and fluffy matzo balls. The restaurant also offers a variety of vegetarian and gluten-free options, including the veggie Reuben and the gluten-free matzo ball soup.

If you’re looking for a date night or romantic getaway, couples should look no further than this classic deli fare and nostalgic dining experience in Denver. Because of its high-quality ingredients and welcoming atmosphere, Acme Delicatessen will surely be added to your list of favorites in Union Station.

5. Milkbox Ice Creamery

Interior view of the Milkbox Ice Creamery while a person holds their ice cream

Milkbox Ice Creamery is a charming ice cream shop in Union Station that makes handmade ice cream, has vintage decor, and has the friendliest of service. Looking for a sweet treat on a hot Colorado day? Look no further for you and your partner.

The interior of Milkbox Ice Creamery is colorful and playful, with retro-inspired decor that harkens back to a bygone era. The menu features a variety of classic and creative ice cream flavors, including salted Oreo, strawberry basil, and honey lavender. The ice cream is made in-house using locally sourced, all-natural ingredients, ensuring every scoop is creamy, flavorful, and free of artificial additives.

In addition to the ice cream, Milkbox also offers a variety of other sweet treats, including milkshakes, sundaes, and ice cream sandwiches. The shop also has a selection of dairy-free and vegan options, making sure that everyone can enjoy a delicious frozen treat.

The shop uses compostable cups and spoons and recycles all of its waste to minimize its environmental impact. They also donate a portion of their profits to local charities, making it a socially responsible choice for dessert.

6. Tavernetta

Tavernetta's steak for 4 option

Tavernetta is Union Station’s go-to, upscale Italian restaurant. Commonly known for its elegant decor and inventive cuisine, Tavernetta has blown up in popularity since making its debut.

Tavernetta's menu features a variety of classic and contemporary Italian dishes, including handmade pastas, wood-fired pizzas, and grilled meats and seafood.

Some well-renowned dishes at Tavernetta include the agnolotti dal plin, a rich pasta dish filled with braised beef, pork, and rabbit, and the wood-fired lamb chops with salsa verde and roasted potatoes. Additionally, the restaurant also offers a selection of small plates and antipasti, as well as a dessert menu that features house-made gelato and sorbetto.

In what can only be considered as the perfect romantic dinner, Tavernetta also offers a variety of private dining options for couples or special events. The restaurant's attentive service and elegant ambiance make it the perfect choice for weddings, corporate events, or even the perfect date night.

7. The Cooper Lounge

Upper view of The Cooper Lounge while on the Mezzanine level

Perhaps you may not have discovered the Mezzanine level of Denver's historic Union Station. While exploring there, you’re bound to run into The Cooper Lounge, a popular spot among locals that is well-established and maintains an excellent reputation for its elegant decor, expansive views, and expertly crafted drinks, making it the perfect date night destination for you and your loved one.

With plush seating, dramatic lighting, and sweeping views of the city skyline, The Cooper Lounge has an iconic and memorable environment. The lounge offers a high tea service on Saturdays and Sundays, featuring a variety of teas, sandwiches, pastries, and scones. The lounge is also available for private events, including business gatherings, weddings, or other celebrations.

The Cooper Lounge is the go-to destination for those couples looking for a sophisticated and elegant dining experience in Denver.

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