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7 Romantic Date Ideas in Salt Lake City

Planning the perfect date night for your special someone can be stressful. You want to make your date happy and have a memorable experience, but it can be difficult when you don’t know where to start. Whether you want to splurge or stay budget-friendly, Salt Lake City offers a wide variety of romantic date options. This article will give you some good, cost-effective ideas that you can choose from to give your date a magical evening.

1. Paddle boat at Liberty Park

Romantic walk in park

If you want to get away from the noise of the city, take a float on one of the paddle boats around Liberty Park. These boats are perfect two-seaters that float around the lake, giving you privacy to talk with your date. There is also a plethora of options for activities to do around the park, as well. Take a stroll around the lake on a paved walkway or have a picnic on provided tables that overlook the lake. If it is a colder time of year with snow on the ground, you can even bring some sleds or tubes and race down the hill for a fun sledding experience. Follow that up with some hot chocolate by a fire, and you will be cuddling up and sharing stories before you know it! There are lots of free activity options at Liberty Park, so you will be able to find something to keep you and your date entertained. With more options to step away from the crowd, you can create special moments with your date that will set the scene for a romantic evening.

2. Stargaze at the Clark Planetarium

Stargazing date

Art lovers are sure to appreciate the beautiful displays found in the planetarium. Romance is found in the stars of the 10,000 square feet of exhibit space, as well as a full-dome theatre. The great thing about this exhibit is that it is free to the public and is open 7 days a week! There are cosmic light shows every weekend, but be sure to arrive before showtime or you won’t be allowed in. No matter the weather or air pollution, you can have a romantic stargazing date at the Clark Planetarium.

3. Admire Christmas Lights at Temple Square

Romantic Christmas lights

You don’t have to be Mormon to admire the beautiful Christmas lights found on Temple Square at the heart of Salt Lake City. With thousands of lights on the trees surrounding the temple, Christmas music, and treats, it is the perfect scene to walk and talk. The grounds are beautiful all year round but the lights only run from Thanksgiving to the end of the year, so be sure to stop by during the winter season for some Christmas magic for you and your date.

4. Visit Antelope Island

Love nature? Antelope Island is the perfect escape from the city to slow down and enjoy the beauty of the Great Salt Lake. You can visit the island for only $10 and will be met by a variety of animals like bison, foxes, birds, and more. There is even a historic ranch to check out while you’re on the 28,000-acre island. Pack a picnic lunch or dinner, and you are set up for a scenic and intimate date.

Salt Lake state park

5. Watch the sunset at Ensign Peak

Romantic sunset Salt Lake

Want to see one of the coolest views of the entire valley? Ensign Peak is perfect. The hike is only 0.9 miles and takes an average of 39 minutes to complete. The trail is considered moderate and is open all year round. You can find more details and reviews of the hike on the All Trails website. This hike is perfect to get some active time together, while not being too difficult that you’re too busy trying to catch your breath to talk. For a more relaxing time, catch the vivid colors of the sunrise or sunset and bring a few snacks and water, and you will have the perfect adventurous and romantic date.

6. Redwood Drive-In

Romantic movie drive-in

Going to the movies or watching your favorite Netflix show can get redundant, so break the cycle by going out to the drive-in. The Redwood Drive-in is located in West Valley City. It started from humble beginnings in the Depression era and combines American favorites, automobiles and movies. Even though it has been open since 1948, the screen is top of the art and gives the quality of going to a movie theatre. The drive-in is a reminiscent experience with many food options from local vendors. This date is perfect to wait for the sun to set by grabbing some food and a shake, and then cozying up once the movie starts. There are multiple movies and showings throughout the warm season, so find your date’s preference and choose a night that works for you! For more information on drive-in guidelines and requirements, check out their website.

7. Walk Around the International Peace Gardens

This beautiful and peaceful botanical garden found at Jordan Park in Salt Lake is perfect for slowing down and enjoying your date’s company. It is a great place to have conversations and take a nice stroll around the property, while also enjoying the beautiful scenery. This is a perfect date if you are on a budget because admission is free! The grounds are open from 7 am-10 pm year-round, with flower displays blooming from May-October. The garden features a wide variety of different trees, flower arrangements, statues, and more. You will be sure to find something in the garden that your date loves, and many opportunities to get to know each other better.

Romantic garden

Salt Lake City is such a diverse city found on the jaw-dropping Wasatch front. There are so many options for things to do with family and friends, but it may be hard to find something that will set the scene for a perfect night with your special someone. Check out the suggestions in this article, and you will be sure to wow your date and give them a memorable and romantic date.

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