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5 Date Ideas You've Been Looking For in Louisville Kentucky

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

The Beautiful City Louisville Kentucky

Let's face it. You have no idea what to do to impress that amazing someone with a great date in Louisville.

That's why I'm here. Well I'm not… but you know what i mean…

There's nothing better than making your significant other know that they are THE most important thing in the world and you feeling like a total boss making them feel that way.

So let's get going with the 5 Date Ideas You've Been Looking For in Louisville.

5. A Brewery Tour

If their number one love language is quality time then a brewery tour Is the best way to go. Walk together, enjoy each others companies, create small talk about each other, Is a fantastic recipe for a good time.

Now that sounds like a great time and t he best part about this plan is that here are so many Breweries in Louisville to choose from! Some popular ones to definitely try out are Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, Michter’s, or Old Forester. With Evan Williams Bourbon Experience you get to see first hand how they create delicious tasting bourbon.

Even WIlliams 1783 Small Batch Bourbon

By using cherry oak barrels to enrich the flavor as well give its color, their bourbon is something of a dream. If you both are more of a whisky people then Michter’s will be a great place to see. They've been established since 1753 and definitely have they quality and taste to prove it.

Finally there's Old Forester. Known as the first bottled bourbon, Old Forester has been making bourbon for 100 yrs and you can easily book a tour with their distillery to see how the process is made. Honestly, whether your drinking, cooking with bourbon or whiskey, or just tasting the brew, spending quality time with each other is a great way to let the other person know that you value and care for them..

4. Getaway Movie Night that makes you work

You know, walking around and talking is nice and all but maybe you guys are more a hands on people and like doing things. Then enjoy your date night with an amazing movie night at the Xscape Theaters. Located in the East end of town Xscape Theaters isnt just a regular movie theater where you only go and watch great movies and then call it a night.


What it really is, is a one stop getaway that has bowling, laser tag, mini golf, food, video games, you name it! Have a great time running around doing a variety of things earning coins and tickets for the fun prizes they have, and then plop down for a relaxing movie night of your choice. Its great place to have a great time with each other or with another couple as you guys can go head to head in the variety of games. This is a great way to shock the system of regular old boring dates.

3. Having a “Sweet Road Trip”

Do you guys have a sweet tooth? Did you know Louisville is a sweet city? Honestly this is one my girlfriend and i love to do, this golden road of sweets starts at the Historic Schimpffs confectionery. Schimpff’s Confectionery is one of the oldest, continuously operated, family-owned candy businesses in the United States! With a 50's soda fountain and original tin ceiling, this old-fashioned candy shop is so fun and cute to visit and try their sweets. Muth's Candies is where your off to next!

Willy Wonka Candy

Do you love Bourbon?

Do you also love chocolate?

Muth's Candies has one of the best Bourbon Chocolates to try. Coming from a Polish background this sweets are something you absolutely need to try. Finally the last place is Sweet spot candy shoppe. Sweet spot candy shoppe are a locally owned gourmet candy store. They specialize in hard to find candies where you can also buy in bulk! Such a great shop and a sweet ending to the Sweet Time Tour.

2. Hot take; Hot brown at the Brown Hotel?

Ok hot take here, the best Dates are the ones you just eat out at. For me, its hard to beat going out to eat delicious food and chilling. So If you're still looking for date ideas in Louisville, this may be the one. Especially if you're wanting something chill and delicious without breaking the bank.

Enjoy a Hot Brown where the very first Hot Brown was born, at the Hotel Bar in the Brown Hotel. Its Louisvilles signature dish; a hot brown, featuring ham, cheese, bacon, and Mornay sauce, all served as an open-face sandwich. Beautiful. Simply Beautiful. And if you guys are feeling like you need a vacation you can always just book a night at the hotel and relax and enjoy your time at an amazing Hotel.

1. Louisville Vs. Kentucky

Once or twice a year, when the stars align and the basketball gods stop everything and place their attention on us, you know it's time. The Louisville and Kentucky game is at nigh! Its funny cause Louisville vs Kentucky could mean against University of Kentucky or any school in Kentucky that dares to challenge Louisville in their home. If you haven't seen a Louisville Basketball Game then you are definitely missing out.

Louisville vs Kentucky Basketball Game

It is on e of the best dates you can go too in Louisville. The roars of the fans, the delicious taste of your basic foods, and the excitement in the air of the game If you live in Louisville you know how crazy this games are. And what could make this game even better? Spending it with that special someone. You can both enjoy the game and sport the Louisville red as you have a good time in the College Sport Environment.

That concludes the 5 Date Ideas You've Been Looking For in Louisville, let me know in the comments of other great ideas that you've come up with or know of and ill test them out and maybe even write about it!


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