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5 best date ideas in Virginia Beach (Cheap and Fun)

Alright! You’re probably here because you just secured the date with the girl of your dreams or looking to do something fun with your special love one in Virginia Beach.

Well, we got you covered!

This article is going to go over the top 10 best date ideas in Virginia Beach that anyone can afford and have a great time with that special someone (wink, wink.) This post is going to use a couple criteria in hopes of helping you find the absolute best idea to maximize your time and leave your significant other in awe of your planning skills. One is Budget, no one is trying to break the bank on a night out. Two, something we like to call the “wow factor” in relation to typical night out plans. Three, things that only can be done in Virginia Beach. So let's get right to it!

5. Take a walk down Virginia Beachs’ renown 3 mile boardwalk

Known for its cleanliness and well kept plantings lining the way, this is a must for any avid “walk and talker.” During the day take a nice walk or bike ride along the boardwalk and see the many sites to see. Many of Virginia Beachs’ restaurants are located right along it as well, so stop by for lunch! At night it is very common for pop up events and concerts to appear between the walkway and shore! Take some time to watch one of those as well!

Our Rankings

Budget- 5 / 5 “can’t get any better on the wallet then this”

Wow- 4 / 5 “there aren’t many other places quite like this”

Exclusivity- 4 / 5 “one of the longest and best kept boardwalks in the country”

4. First Landing State Park

This one is for all our nature lovers! With over 2800 acres of land, there are seemingly limitless outdoors activities to do here! The park itself sees over one million visitors a year! Whether you and your date like to hike, fish, camp, picnic… this is the place. You can also plan a day to go see the First Landing of the English colonizers where they came just before settling in Jamestown.

Our Rankings

Budget- 4 / 5 “Entirely dependent on your wants and needs, but can be done very affordably”

Wow- 5 / 5 “if you love nature the sites are sure to blow you away”

Exclusivity- 4 / 5 “there is only one First Landing park afterall”

3. Sunset Dolphin Kayak Tour

3 dolphins jumping out of the water in Chesapeake Bay
dolphins jumping

This pick is perfect for animal and nature lovers alike. Guaranteed to be unique and a fun way to see the wildlife of the Chesapeake Bay. At $64 it is on the pricey side of our list, but it comes in with the uniqueness and exclusivity factors. This is experience is fully guided and the outfitter has over 160, 5 star reviews!

So, if you love dolphins, the ocean, and exciting new opportunities… this is the date idea for you!

Our Rankings

Budget- 3 / 5 “At $64 it is on the higher end of our list, but dont let that stop you!”

Wow- 5 / 5 “The chance to see dolphins and other marine life is guaranteed to wow”

Exclusivity- 5 / 5 “There are few other places along the East coast to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures, especially for the price!”

2. Sandbridge Beach

beautiful picture of beach leading into beach at cheseapake bay
under pier on Sandbridge beach

This pick is perfect for those that are looking to get away from the hustle of the city and enjoy some time in the sun! This is a little local secret, many come here to get some peace and quite and enjoy the natural beauty Virginia has to offer. With over 5 miles of beach there is plenty of space and opportunity to relax and enjoy. The ocean here has great opportunities for swimming and surfing. Many spots can be found for picnics, take a walk, or play a beach game! There is also i high chance to see some dolphins or seals off the shore, along with sea birds and other beach creatures. Be sure to put this on your list and check out this gem!

Our Rankings

Budget- 5 / 5 “Completely free access! Its up to you on how much you want to spend on activities and necessities”

Wow- 4 / 5 “the sites are to die for, the beach and sand is very clean and pleasant”

Exclusivity- 3 / 5 “One of the top beaches around, but there are others”

  1. The Destruction Room

This comes in at number one for us for many reasons! This idea hits all of our criteria for a good time in Virginia Beach! It comes in very affordable with many options depending on your budget! The very base option is 10 minutes of destruction along with an instructional time with an instructor. You are more then welcome to tailor your time to your budget. It also hits on the wow factor. There is a high probability that your date has never done this before! On the exclusivity factor it is the same. This experience is an up and coming one, following in the footsteps of axe throwing and pottery painting. If you are looking for a fun and new experience we highly recommend you give this a look!

Our Rankings

Budget- 5 / 5 “as mentioned above, this is sure to fit in to anyones budget and wants”

Wow- 5 / 5 “sure to be a unique experience and to wow any date”

Exclusivity- 5 / 5 “Like mentioned prior, not many of the experiences are available! Take a chance on this one!”

So there you have it! let us know what you think about this list and how you enjoyed these ideas! until next time!

Author: Bailey Beck

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