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20 Tampa Date Night Ideas (Brownie Points Guaranteed)

landscape view of tampa with the sunset in the background

Whether you're new to Tampa, or a lifetime resident, this city is packed with enjoyable and exclusive locations, restaurants, and activities. If you and your partner are short of date ideas, keep reading.

#1 Pinellas Bike Trail

a person riding a bike trail in the city with a sunset in the background

Training for the Tour de France? Or are you just looking for a romantic bike ride? Either way, Pinellas Bike Trail is an excellent option. If you want to take the longest route, it’s 54 miles, but if you’re not interested in biking the whole route, the northern part of the route between Dunedin & Tarpon Springs is the best option.

#2 Florida Beach Horses

a couple riding horses on the beach

Imagine The Man From Snowy River and Bay Watch had a baby. That’s exactly what Florida Beach Horses is. This is a killer date idea if you want to see how well your partner does when they try something they’ve never done before. Florida Beach Horses has a stunning 4.9 stars on Google, so you have to try it out.

#3 Grady Goat

a man doing downward dog with a baby goat on his back

Goat Yoga?! Yes, you read that right! You can do yoga with your partner surrounded by a herd of goats. The goats will hop on your back and make it close to impossible to actually do yoga. It’s reported that 20% of the time you’ll actually do yoga, and the other 80% is playing with the goats. Check our Grady Goat’s website to schedule your visit.

#4 Sur la Table

a man and a woman doing a cooking class together

Are you wanting to see if your man can cook? Take him to Sur la Table to test his skills. You will be walked through on how to make handmade pasta, sea food, steak, and a lot more! Check out their website to reserve a time and pick what meal you want to cook.

#5 Yacht Starship

a yacht in the tampa convention center harbor

Do you want to make sure your date knows how special they are to you? Schedule a sunset cruise with Yacht Starship. Operating over 20 years, Yacht Starship has made a name for itself. Offering dinner, dancing, bar, and a gorgeous view of the sunset, very few have said they had a better date. Pricing is expensive, and you need to schedule in advance. Save up, and plan ahead because you’ll score some serious brownie points with this Tampa date night idea.

#6 Fairgrounds St. Pete

a vibrant exhibit at fairgrounds st. pete

Do you want to experience art like you never have before? If so, visit Fairgrounds St. Pete. Featuring work from over 60 local and international artists, the exhibits are truly breathtaking. Make sure to schedule your visit in advance because tickets sell out fast!

#7 Spa Evangeline

a woman getting a massage with warm stones on her spine

Are you noticing your partner is stressed? Or maybe they’re under a lot of pressure? Take them to Spa Evangeline to show them how much you care. The spa has dozens of different massages and services ranging from anti-aging exfoliation to couples massages to a dark chocolate body wrap, so make sure you plan in advance.

#8 Ruskin Family Drive-in

a blank billboard that is used for the drive-in movie theater. sunset with an empty parking lot

Have you ever been to a drive-in movie theater? If you haven’t, the Ruskin Family Drive-in would be a great first for you. The theater has mastered the art of keeping its 70’s vibe while showing current films. This would make an amazing date night.

#9 Flamingo Gardens

flamingo staring at the ocean. sunset

Interested in nature? The Flamingo Gardens is a 60-acre group of gardens full of animals and plants native to Florida. The gardens have been open since 1927, and has made its impression on the locals. Out of 800 reviews, the Flamingo Gardens has a stunning 4.5 stars on Google. Come here, and you won’t be disappointed.

#10 Paddle Boards

a couple play fighting on their paddle boards. daytime

If you or your partner are interested in exploring the shoreline of Tampa, rent paddle boards at WakeRack. Paddle boarding can be a very calm and fun adventure — just stay away from the sharks!

Pro tip: Make sure your partner doesn’t have thalassophobia or else you’ll definitely lose brownie points!

#11 Champagne Bar & Oxford Exchange

a bottle of champagne pouring into several glasses

Into champagne and books? Try out the Champagne Bar at the Oxford Exchange. Yes, champagne is expensive. Yes, some books are expensive. Yes, memories with your partner are worth the cost. Bring your wallet, ID, and your interest in trying expensive champagne.

#12 Axe Throwing

a hatchet imbedded into a stump in the middle of a snowy field. overcast

DISCLAIMER: Don’t take your partner axe throwing if you just got into a fight! If you do, there’s a high probability that you’ll be pushing up daises in a couple of days.

If you have a healthy relationship at the moment, take your partner to Axe Throwing Tampa for a fun evening. Axe throwing is a super fun way to blow off steam from a tough week. This unique axe throwing range offers a personal trainer to help you learn and improve your axe throwing skills. You can go as just a couple, or as a group of friends. Either way, you’re bound to have a fun time.

#13 Sparkman Wharf

people sitting at dining tables at Sparkman Wharf. sunset

If your partner is indecisive or you don’t know what to do, then go to Sparkman Wharf. The wharf features retail stores, fancy restaurants, and bars. With over 2,000 reviews, the wharf has a stunning 4.5 stars, so no matter what option you decide to go with, you’re bound to have a good time here.

#14 Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

a close-up view of a patch of pink and yellow orchids

Interested in seeing exotic flowers? The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens has 45 acres of exotic flowers to admire. If you time it perfectly, you can catch an outstanding sunset surrounded by beautiful orchids. Make sure you check the weather app to see what time the sunset is at. If you do this, you’ll scores some serious brownie points.

#15 Beach Picnic

a couple having a beach picnic during the sunset

Not afraid of sand? Then a beach picnic could be the best date night idea for you. Go to this website to see which beaches are the best for you. Siesta beach is the most popular, and it makes sense why. It was ranked the #1 beach on Trip Advisor for 2020. This is an amazing date night idea!

#16 Florida Cane Distillery

a close up of a batch of vodka at cane distillery

Are you into booze and cocktails? The Florida Cane Distillery has it all. Their menu includes vodka, rum, whiskey, moonshine, and a lot more! Wednesday nights they have $3 cocktails, and on Sundays, they have brunch cocktails. Make sure you’re over 21 if you go here because you won’t be earning brownie points if you’re in a jail cell!

#17 Bern’s Steak House

a chocolate dessert at bern's steakhouse

Are you interested in steak, wine, and fancy desserts? Go to Bern’s Steak House to have perfectly aged steak and some of the best wines found in the world. The desert room is also ranked as one of the best internationally. This restaurant is very expensive and something you shouldn’t wear jeans to. Make sure you bring your wallet and pack a nice pair of clothes.

#18 Tampa Theatre

a fisheye camera view of the inside of tampa theatre showing an old film

Interested in classic theatre? The Tampa Theatre hosts old films and plays for a cheap price. Visit their website to schedule your visit. If you couple this date idea with dinner or drinks afterwards, you’ll score brownie points for sure.

#19 Canoe Outpost Little Manatee River

3 canoes parked on the shore of the manatee river

Do you want to explore one of the most famous rivers in Florida? Go on the Canoe Outpost river tour. You can rent a cabin for the night for $119, and the next day you can go down the Little Manatee River to explore the beautiful scenery. Watch out for alligators!

#20 Keel & Curley Winery

a close-up view of blueberries

Interested in trying blueberry wine? Go to the Kneel & Curley Winery to try this unique flavor of wine. Glasses cost about $10 and you can even get dinner here! Look at their menu before you go to make sure you’re interested in the wine and food. You can even time it perfectly that the sun sets while you eat a romantic dinner. Brownie points for sure!

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