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12 Perfect Colorado Springs Date Night Ideas

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Landscape View of Colorado springs as the sun sets

Whether you're new to Colorado Springs, or a lifetime resident, this city is packed with enjoyable and exclusive locations, restaurants, and activities. If you and your partner are short of date ideas, keep reading. For your convenience, we've listed how much it will cost per adult and the locations' Google ratings.

#1 Seven Falls (17.99/Adult & 4.4 Stars)

Landscape View of the seven falls

Visiting the Seven Falls is a MUST if you are visiting Colorado Springs. Depending on what route you take, the hike could be anywhere from 0.4 to 3 miles long, and it could take you less than one hour to 4 hours to complete. The trail is dog friendly, so if your partner is an animal lover, bring your dog. If you time it perfectly, you could experience one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever witness.

#2 Bad Axe Throwing ($25/Adult & 4.5 Stars)

A man throwing a hatchet at a wooden target

Wanting to try something different? Or do you and your partner want to blow off some steam from a long week? Bad Axe Throwing is so unique, it will leave your partner speechless. It’s even compatible with large parties if you want to do a double or a group date. Just make sure no one in your party is a serial killer, or the night might not go according to plan.

#3 Manitou SunWater Spa (Prices Vary & 3.9 Stars)

Landscape view of manitou with a hot spring in the foreground

Tired from a long week? Manitou Springs SunWater Spa is the perfect way to wind down. Containing essential minerals, the spring waters are rumored by the locals to be the fountain of youth. You can score some serious brownie points, and have a romantic evening if you bring your partner here.

#4 Cottonwood Center for the Arts (FREE & 4 Stars)

The Logo for cottonwood center for the arts

The Cottonwood Center for the Arts is an excellent place to experience deep works of art that can reveal more about yourself and about your partner. The art center hosts a limited amount of exhibitions for a short amount of time, so before you decide to take your partner here, make sure to check the current exhibitions tab on their website. If you're smart, keep track of what unique things your partner says about themselves — the more unique traits and ideas you remember about your partner, the more they'll fall for you.

#5 Locked in Escapes ($34/Adult & 4.9 Stars)

the logo for locked in escapes

Wanting to see how your partner acts under pressure? Take them to Locked in Escapes. The business has three escape rooms titled “Rock Star – The Final Curtain,” “Darkness Falls,” and “Cell Block E.” They’re coming out with an unnamed new room later this year. Make sure to book your escape room before showing up. Make sure your partner doesn't have any anxiety disorders or claustrophobia because that will be a major turn off if you bring them here.

#6 Glow Golf ($12/Adult & 4.2 Stars)

a green putter and a red golf ball

Are you a CEO in need of showing off your office putting skills? Or is this your first date? Glow Golf may be the best choice for the evening. You can easily bypass the awkward dinner date by taking them to this mini golf course. You can even play up to 36 holes per visit. Overall, it’s a perfect way to break the ice.

#7 The Control Room Arcade Bar (Price Varies & 4.5 Stars)

an image of all the beer tabs at the control room arcade bar

If you and your partner are still stuck in the 80's, the Control Room Arcade Bar might be the right date night for you. The Arcade has dozens of retro video games as well as over a dozen cocktails for you to sip on. Fight the urge to get too competitive — it might turn your date off. Make sure to bring quarters and your ID.

#8 Pikes Peak Pre-Show Dinner (Price Varies & 4 Stars)

a view of the symphony from a balcony seat

Pikes Peak’s Pre-Show Dinners are the best group date options in Colorado Springs. You’re able to be around your favorite friends and your partner, drink fancy booze, and eat fabulous meals. Purchase your tickets on their website. Pikes Peak is awarded 4 stars, so you’ll be in store for an enjoyable evening.

#9 Skirted Heifer (Price Varies & 4.5 Stars)

a close up image of a cheeseburger and fries

The Skirted Heifer is known for the best burgers in Colorado Springs. What’s their secret? The restaurant melts an extra layer of cheddar cheese to the bottom of your burger to seal in the moisture — YUM! For the quality of food you are getting, the price is unbeatable at just under $10 a burger. If you're date is vegan, we wouldn't recommend taking them here.

#10 Switchback Coffee Roasters (Price Varies & 4.5 Stars)

an image of the outside of the coffee shop

Are you a coffee enthusiast? Or maybe your partner is? If so, you’ll absolutely love going to the Switchback Coffee Roasters. The quality of coffee is unbeatable, and most of the drinks are under $5! Visit the Hillside Café location for a quiet hole in the wall feel. For extra brownie points, bring them here in the winter, and watch a movie at your place afterwards.

#11 Urban Steam (Price Varies & 4.5 Stars)

an image of the inside of the shop during the busy hours

Do you want to experience original craft coffee and cocktails? Visit Urban Steam to let off a little steam with your partner after a long week. Visit the café in the morning to try their specialty crafted coffee recipes. Most specialty coffee brews are around $5, and the cocktails are around $15. If you bring your date here in the winter, there's a higher chance they'll come home with you to cuddle under a warm blanket.

#12 Old Stage Riding Stables ($70/Adult & 4.8 Stars)

Landscape view of a dirt road and a snowy hill

Are you in to John Wayne? Or are you and your partner spending the weekend in Colorado Springs? If so, you must visit the Old Stage Riding Stables. You’re lead through an old western type looking wilderness full of turkeys, foxes, deer, and elk. If you ask your trail guide, they may even set you up with the perfect sunset overlooking the mountains — nothing could be more romantic!

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