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11 Unique Date Ideas in Denver (Includes Prices & Ratings)

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Landscape view of Denver Colorado at Night

Whether you're new to Denver, or a lifetime resident, this city is packed with enjoyable and exclusive locations, restaurants, and activities. If you and your partner are short of date ideas, keep reading. For your convenience, we've listed how much it will cost per adult and the locations' Google ratings.

#1 Denver Botanic Gardens ($15/Adult - 4.8 Stars)

A landscape view of a portion of the Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Botanic Gardens

If you and your partner are aspiring florists or artists, the Denver Botanic Gardens might be the best choice for you. The Gardens hosts the Chatfield Farms and York Street art exhibitions which are viewed by millions per year. In total, 4.4 million people visit the Living Plant Collections annually. It’s no question why though — the collection is a wide variety of plants containing alpine, amenity, aquatic, cactus, succulents, native, steppe, and tropical. Admission is $15 per adult (buy tickets here).

#2 Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater (Price Varies - 4.9 Stars)

a landscape view of the Red Rocks Amphitheater during a sunrise
Red Rocks Amphitheater

Hosting just under 200 concerts per year and having 1 million annual attendees, the Red Rock Amphitheater is a must if you are visiting Denver. If you want to score brownie points with your partner, plan a date when their favorite band is playing. To get into the park and gift shop is free, but tickets to concerts vary from as low as $60 to $150.

#3 Denver Zoo ($20/Adult - 4.5 Stars)

a close up on a tiger in the Denver Zoo
Denver Zoo

If your partner is an animal lover, the Denver Zoo might be the right place to take them. Housing animals from clouded leopards to blue poison arrow frogs, it’s no wonder why the zoo serves 2 million people annually. Tickets for adults cost $20, but there are even days where you can visit for free! Make sure to check their website before going to see if the zoo is hosting a free day.

#4 The Beer Spa ($179/Adult - 5.0 Stars)

A lounge in the beer spa with green neon lighting
The Beer Spa

The Beer Spa has found the perfect balanced date. You can fully relax in the spa and drink your favorite craft beer at the same time! The spa has everything from a beer bath (yes you get to relax in a tub of beer) to red light therapy and tanning. It is more expensive which makes sense because of the excellent treatment you receive. The price per person is $179 with no hidden fees. Make sure you’re 21 before trying to schedule an appointment.

#5 Denver Museum of Nature & Science ($23/Adult - 4.7 Stars)

An outside view of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science during the daytime
Denver Museum of Nature & Science

If you are curious about science, or if you want to see how good your partner is with kids, we recommend you visit the Museum of Nature & Science. The museum contains over 10 engaging exhibits with three brand new temporary exhibits opening shortly. It's a family friendly atmosphere containing several kid friendly exhibits. The museum charges $23 per person with additional fees if you want to see exclusive exhibits or the planetarium.

#6 Downtown Aquarium ($25/Adult - 4.3 Stars)

A lounge on the inside of the Denver Downtown Aquarium with dramatic lighting
Downtown Aquarium

The dark lighting and cold atmosphere could encourage your partner to snuggle in close to you which is why the Downtown Aquarium is such an excellent date idea. The aquarium hosts twelve exhibits ranging from coral lagoons to sunken temples. There’s even a restaurant if you get hungry. Tickets are $25 per person, but worth the experience.

#7 Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey ($40 to $70 per bottle - 4.8 Stars)

A bottle of Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey laying down on a table with an ounce poured into a cup
Stanahan's Colorado Whiskey

If you and your partner love malt whiskey, Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey may be the best choice for date night. Stranahan’s releases only a certain number of unique bottles at a time, so make sure to buy a bottle if you like it (you might never see it in stock again). Bottles range from $40 to $70 so make sure to bring your ID and wallet.

#8 Cheeseman Park (Free! - 4.7 Stars)

A landscape view of a portion of Cheeseman park on a cloudy day
Cheeseman Park

If you’re into paranormal activities, ghosts, or Halloween, visit Cheeseman Park. The new park was built on top of an old cemetery in the early 1900’s which explains why the superstitious avoid this place at all costs. The park contains large trees and ponds full of fish, so if you time it right, you might be able to stumble on a romantic sunset in the park. The good news is that it’s free, and no one has been possessed there — yet.

#9 Denver Art Museum ($18/Adult - 4.6 reviews)

An outside view of the Denver Art Museum during a sunset
Denver Art Museum

Bring your partner to the Denver Art Museum if you are an art connoisseur or if you want to show off your sophisticated side. Featuring 17 deeply moving exhibitions, the art museum is an excellent place to look deeper into yourself and your partner. The museum even contains The Ponti and Café Gio if you didn’t eat before. The museum is rated 4.6 stars on Google, and the most common review is the breath-taking exhibitions. Both the Ponti and Café Gio are each rated at 4.2 stars. You need to schedule your visit online at their site before you go, and tickets are $18 per adult.

#10 Larimer Square (Price Varies - 4 Stars)

An outside view of Larimer Square during a sunrise
Larimer Square

Larimer Square is the best date idea if you love exploring, or if you have an indecisive partner. Featuring dozens of restaurants, shops, and services, Larimer Square is one of the highlights of Denver. At 4.6 stars, Bistro Vendrôme might be the best restaurant for a romantic night. Entrees are priced around $35, and cocktails range from $10-$20.

#11 Tattered Cover Book Store & Café (Price Varies - 4.5 Stars)

An inside view of one of the locations of the Tattered Cover Book Store
Tattered Cover Book Store & Café

For book worms, the Tattered Cover Book Store might be the best option for you. The franchise owns 8 stores with most of them located in Denver, so some could be within walking distance of your home or hotel. With a rating of a 4.5, the store and the café is the best book store you'll find in Denver.

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