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11 Must Try Jackson Mississippi Restaurants

Jackson Mississippi

In essence, trying out the top restaurants in Jackson, Mississippi, is an opportunity to savor a blend of rich culinary traditions, creative innovations, and the warm hospitality that defines this vibrant Southern city. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor, exploring the diverse flavors of Jackson's dining scene is sure to be a memorable and enjoyable experience.

1. Parlor Market: A Fusion of History and Flavor

Steak from Parlor Market

Located in the heart of downtown Jackson, Parlor Market seamlessly combines historic charm with contemporary culinary delights. The restaurant is housed in a beautifully restored building, offering a unique atmosphere. Known for its farm-to-table approach, Parlor Market sources fresh, local ingredients to craft a diverse menu that caters to various tastes. From Southern classics to inventive dishes, each plate is a testament to their commitment to quality and flavor.

2. Walker's Drive-In: Southern Comfort with a Twist

Front of Walker’s Drive In

Walker's Drive-In is a beloved Jackson institution, celebrated for its Southern comfort food elevated to gourmet heights. The restaurant exudes a cozy yet sophisticated ambiance. The menu boasts a delightful mix of traditional Southern dishes and inventive creations. Whether you're savoring their famous shrimp and grits or indulging in a more avant-garde culinary experience, Walker's Drive-In has something for every palate.

3. The Manship Wood Fired Kitchen: Culinary Craftsmanship

Meal from The Manship

The Manship Wood Fired Kitchen is a culinary haven that combines wood-fired cooking techniques with an eclectic menu inspired by various global cuisines. With a commitment to using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, The Manship delivers dishes bursting with flavor and creativity. The wood-fired oven imparts a distinct smokiness to their pizzas and other dishes, making each bite a memorable experience. The ambiance is modern and inviting, providing a perfect backdrop for a memorable dining experience.

4. Babalu Tacos & Tapas: A Festive Fusion Fiesta

Desert at babalu’s

If you're in the mood for a lively and vibrant dining experience, Babalu Tacos & Tapas is the place to be. This restaurant brings a fusion of Mexican, Spanish, and Southern flavors to the heart of Jackson. The menu features an array of tacos and tapas, each crafted with fresh, high-quality ingredients. The festive atmosphere, coupled with a diverse drink menu, makes Babalu an ideal spot for both casual gatherings and special occasions.

5. Iron Horse Grill: Where History Meets Culinary Excellence

Shrimp skewer at Iron Horse Grill

Housed in a historic building that once served as a Ford Model T assembly plant, Iron Horse Grill seamlessly blends history with contemporary culinary excellence. The restaurant features a diverse menu with a focus on Southern-inspired dishes. The ambiance is unique, offering patrons a chance to dine in a space that's rich in local history. Whether you're enjoying the barbecue, seafood, or one of their signature cocktails, Iron Horse Grill delivers a memorable dining experience.

6. Saltine Oyster Bar: Seafood Sensation in Fondren

Oyster dish at Saltine Oyster Bar

Saltine Oyster Bar, located in the vibrant Fondren district, is a seafood lover's paradise. Known for its fresh oysters and a menu that celebrates Gulf Coast flavors, Saltine offers a chic and inviting atmosphere. From classic seafood dishes to creative twists on Southern favorites, the culinary team at Saltine crafts a menu that reflects their commitment to quality and taste. The restaurant's lively ambiance and well-curated drink menu add to the overall appeal.

7. Bravo! Italian Restaurant & Bar: Authentic Italian Flavors

Desert at Bravo

For those craving a taste of Italy in the heart of Mississippi, Bravo! Italian Restaurant & Bar is a standout choice. With an emphasis on authentic Italian recipes and flavors, Bravo! offers a diverse menu that includes pasta, seafood, and flavorful meats. The restaurant's warm and welcoming ambiance, complete with a full-service bar, creates an ideal setting for a romantic dinner or a gathering with friends. Each dish at Bravo! is a testament to their dedication to delivering an exceptional Italian dining experience in Jackson.

8. Brent's Drugs: Retro Charm and Modern Flavors

Brent’s Drugs Diner

Nestled in the historic Fondren district, Brent's Drugs combines nostalgic charm with contemporary culinary creations. Once an old-fashioned drugstore, this restaurant serves up delicious burgers, sandwiches, and Southern-inspired dishes. The retro diner ambiance, complete with a soda fountain, adds to the unique dining experience.

9. CAET Wine Bar: Elegant Dining and Fine Wines

Chicken Tender sandwich at CAET wine bar

CAET Wine Bar offers a sophisticated dining experience with a focus on fine wines and exquisite cuisine. Located in the historic Standard Life Building, CAET boasts a modern and elegant setting. The menu features a mix of globally inspired dishes, perfectly complemented by an extensive selection of wines. It's an ideal spot for those seeking a refined atmosphere paired with culinary excellence.

10. Estelle Wine Bar & Bistro: French-inspired Elegance

Desert at Estelle wine bar

Embracing French culinary traditions, Estelle Wine Bar & Bistro provides an upscale dining experience in Jackson. The restaurant features a menu that highlights classic French dishes with a modern twist. The ambiance is both refined and welcoming, making Estelle an excellent choice for a special evening out or a celebration.

11. Lou's Full-Serv: Comfort Food with a Creative Spin

Burger from Lou’s full serve

Lou's Full-Serv is a contemporary eatery known for its creative take on Southern comfort food. Located in the historic Belhaven neighborhood, this restaurant offers a menu that combines classic favorites with inventive twists. The casual yet stylish atmosphere, along with a selection of craft beers and cocktails, creates an inviting setting for patrons seeking a relaxed dining experience.

These 11 attractive restaurants in Jackson won’t disappoint

Whether you are looking for fine dining, a causal meal, or burst of southern comfort and hospitality, you are sure to find what you’re looking for at these restaurants. Ranking in the most loved and recommended, we’d be surprised if you didn’t find these places as great as we do. You are sure to find a variety of meals from surf and turf to soup and salad. Make a reservation now and you won’t regret it! These places could also be a great new try for couples going out on date night! Don’t be afraid to try new things, you never know what you’re missing out on!

If you know of a must try restaurant in the Jackson Mississippi area, reach out and tell us about it! We’d love to hear your feedback and provide the best quality information we can!

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