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10 Best Restaurants in Provo for Couples Looking to Try Something New

Trying new foods is always a fun way of mixing things up, but it can be hard to know if a place is worth trying. Luckily, I’m here to help; my decision was focused on a few things, how good the food is, the environment, and the price. Using those three criteria, I created a list of my top 10 places to eat in Provo that I know you’ll enjoy.

1. Pogo’s Great Pizza & Chicken

Pogo's half-chicken meal with mild peri-peri sauce

I have Pogo’s Great Pizza & Chicken at the top of my list because it’s the one place I can’t wait to try again. Pogo’s is a new casual dining experience located on Center Street that adds an African twist to its food.

Pogo’s caters to all people by offering gluten-free and spice-level options. I recommend trying the peri-peri chicken and saving space for the baked pudding.

The environment and decor are warm and inviting, and the employees are both kind and helpful when trying to choose something to eat.

Pogo’s is a must when looking for your next place to eat in Provo.

4.7 stars on Google

Mid-price range

2. Communal

A variety of Communal restaurants dishes, including the skirt steak and funeral potato croquet

Communal offers frequent changes to its menu and focuses on using local/ seasonal ingredients. The environment is very inviting, and the employees are helpful and knowledgeable.

Communal makes amazing food that creates an experience perfect for couples by offering portions made for sharing. This fun way of dining makes it a great option for couples looking to splurge a little.

It is more expensive, so I would recommend going on a special occasion because it will make your celebration even more enjoyable.

4.5 stars on Google

High-price range

3. Bombay House

Variety of Bombay House's dishes

Bombay House isn’t exactly new to Provo, but it is one of those staples you must try if you haven’t already. The food speaks for itself because I would safely say it is the best Indian food in Utah.

The unique flavor and spice options make it an easy choice for couples looking to try Indian cuisine (Get the lamb coconut kurma or chicken tikka masala). Bombay House is more expensive, but as a sit-down restaurant the price is not bad at all. You won’t regret trying this place with your significant other.

4.8 stars on Google

High-price range

4. Koko Lunchbox

Koko Lunchbox's bibimbap

If you’re looking to have Korean food that is more authentic than Cupbop, Koko Lunchbox is the place. Koko Lunchbox is one of those mom-and-pop shops that focuses on serving great authentic food.

It may seem like one of those “hole in the wall” places because it is one. Its environment has that endearing simplicity about it that makes you want to come back. Try something more authentic and eat at Koko Lunchbox.

4.8 stars on Google

Low-price range

5. Quiero Más – Mexican Grub

Quiero Más is a casual dining Mexican restaurant that is adding its own modern twist to Mexican food. They offer similar flavors that we are used to but add that little hint of refinement to what they’re doing.

The environment is fun and inviting, which makes you want to stay longer. If you and your significant other enjoy Mexican food, Quiero Más is one of the new places you should try. Give them a try; you won’t be disappointed.

4.6 stars on Google

Mid-price range

6. Sweet’s Hawaiian Grill

Exterior of Sweet's Hawaiian Grill, including hand painted tiki masks, Disney characters, and Hawaiian plants

Sweet’s is one of those gems you don’t find very often. Although, there are some things you should know before going; they only serve food until they run out, which can be disappointing if you don’t get there in time, and they are not open for dinner. So, try planning on getting there before the rush when deciding a time for your lunch date.

Sweet's puts most other Hawaiian restaurants in Provo to shame. The food is so good, you can tell effort was put into it. They also give some pretty good portion sizes. Sweet's is one of my favorite Hawaiian restaurants because the people and food are great.

P.S. I would highly recommend getting a rainbow ‘Otai.

4.8 stars on Google

Low-price range

7. Shoots

Shoots offers the experience of getting something similar to the familiar flavors of Panda Express but with more refinement and effort. If you’re not feeling super adventurous, Shoots offers a safe but delicious option for people wanting to have Chinese food.

Shoots is cheaper than most other Chinese-inspired restaurants in the area and offers a more casual environment with great food. Shoots is a great place to start your journey of exploring Chinese cuisine as a couple.

4.4 stars on Google

Mid-price range

8. Silver Dish Thai Cuisine

Variety of Silver Dish Thai Cuisine's dishes

Thai food is always a go-to for me; that reason is why I have Silver Dish Thai Cuisine on this list. Sliver Dish offers the experience of having curry without it being a very heavy/ hearty meal.

The compact environment and fast service give off a New York City feel, so if you don’t like being in an environment similar to this, Silver Dish may not be the place for you. Putting the environment aside, Silver Dish provides a flavorful and authentic Thai food experience. If you’re looking to have a meal that can be spicy, new, and delicious Silver Dish would be a great place to go.

4.7 stars on Google

Mid-price range

9. Guru’s Café

Interior décor of Guru's Café

Guru’s is one of the premier bistros in Provo, that makes a large selection of sandwiches, and the best sweet potato fries I have ever had. Guru’s has a trendy vibe, which makes it a great place to go if you’re a couple looking to have a meal in a laid-back environment.

Overall, the food is simple but delicious, and the environment is more relaxed, making it a great option for couples wanting to have a more up-beat experience on a Friday night.

4.3 stars on Google

Mid-price range

10. Pho Plus

Pho can be a little daunting for people because most of us aren’t entirely sure of how to go about eating it. Pho Plus helps to alleviate that stress because the employees are helpful when giving advice on what to get and how to enjoy pho the right way.

Pho Plus is a great way to experience Vietnamese food because the food is tasty and the environment helpful, but pho (as food) may not be for everyone.

4.4 stars on Google

Mid-price range

Hopefully, this list of my favorite new places/ foods to eat in Provo is helpful for you, as a couple, when choosing your next food adventure.

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